Why Cloud Call Center Is The Best Solution For You


Cloud-based call centers, or simply cloud call centers, are like a breath of fresh air for the phone customer service we all know. That’s the dream solution to improve this department of your business.

Having your head in clouds gains new meaning in this case – a much more positive one. It’s because it’s no longer an expression in which you claim you ignore details. It’s quite the opposite – when you have your head in the development of a cloud call center, you declare that you aim for customer trust and satisfaction. In other words, you found a great way to reach a goal that is desirable for all.

So, the process is simple – first, you get to know what exactly a cloud call center is, what are its main benefits and how to create one. The answers to these questions are the well-checked foundations to build successful customer service.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s go with the subject! For the beginning, the general definition of a cloud call center.

Table of contents:

  1. What is a cloud call center
  2. Cloud call center vs. PBX call center
  3. 4 main benefits of cloud call center
  4. What cloud call center provider is the best for you
  5. The cloud call center is the way to make your business grow

What is a cloud call center

A cloud call center is a place where you use cloud technology. It’s a quality tool to handle inbound and outbound communication with customers. As it’s web-based, you don’t need any advanced equipment installed in your office to run it properly. Your office isn’t even the only place from where you can handle the calls. The extraordinary feature of cloud-based technology is that it’s available from everywhere, anytime you want.

Going a bit further into how the whole process works, it uses ACD (automatic call distributor) and IVR (interactive voice response) as the foundations. In many cases, IVR is shown as a separate feature of such a system. The additional modules that appear in cloud call centers include, for example, analytics or workforce management.

Cloud call center vs. PBX call center

After a first glance at the differences between these types of call centers, you might say that cloud call centers are way ahead of their competition. Look at the features that make this impression.

The cloud call center can be set up in 1-4 weeks, while the PBX one demands twice or three times as much.

The equipment for a cloud call center is only mandatory, while for PBX you need well-developed hardware.

As an additional result of the aforementioned difference, the cloud call center is much more reliable as it’s monitored automatically online 24/7, while the PBX can fail at any time as it’s based on physical equipment.

The cloud call center is much more flexible and available for remote work, while the agents working in PBX are forced to stay in the office.

The cloud call center can have many API-based integrations. On the other hand, the PBX one is limited to middleware integrations.

So, these 5 are the most important differences between the cloud and PBX call centers. As cloud call center still has much space to develop, the gap can only grow in upcoming years.

4 main benefits of cloud call center

OK, we went through the things that make a cloud call center more perspective solution than the landline one. Now it’s time to take matters further with the 5 benefits of a cloud call center.

They are created for remote work

Taking into consideration the last 2 years, we all can agree that many work positions have become remote ones. A call center agent is not an exception here. The quick development of a solution that lets them work comfortably was crucial. This is where a cloud call center went into action.

With this solution, your agents can safely work outside the office and handle everything easily. Access to the list of your customers is permanent, so your agents can help customers at any given place and time.

All confidential information is safe

In addition, they have better transparency, so both sides of the conversation feel safe and sure. Cloud security systems are reliable, so any confidential data about your company or customer will never leak.

Cloud telephony providers give you the most modern and safest systems to protect data. This is how they care for you. You can be sure that all sensitive data are available to the right people. By that, I mean phone recordings or customer details. As you can reach them from anywhere, you can find important information anywhere you want in complete safety.

Your customers can count on you

We all know that we can distinguish at least a few types of customers. With a cloud call center, it’s worth saying that you can satisfy them all. The reason for that is quite obvious. They may differ from each other in several fields, but they have one common feature – they hate poor customer service.

With a cloud call center that works 24/7, you have a foundation to build a strong business relationship. It’s because you are present for your customers at any given moment. That matters when they see that you’re reliable.

You save money

One of the surest things that you can say about a cloud call center is that it’s cost-efficient. All you need to make it work properly is an Internet connection. Nothing else.

Another thing is the easy way to settle accounts with your provider of a cloud call center service. It’s all about monthly, flexible payments. You can decide which way of billing fits your needs the best. As a result, you’re aware of your future expenses and you can organize your spending plan perfectly.

What cloud call center provider is the best for you

Channels is a data-driven phone system that works perfectly as a provider of cloud telephony, so you can build a call center on it. It has many quality features.

First, it’s IVR – you can record the message and apply it to your service. Customers will always be able to click some buttons on their keypad and call the requested department of your business.

The second way is visible in the term “data-driven”. It’s because the call center agents can see important customer details before a call.

By that, I mean the name, purchase history, etc. With this information, the agent won’t waste any time for a long interview about the reason for a call.

He’ll get down to business at once. There’s no better way to satisfy your customer.

Your customers won’t need a phone device to call your company thanks to the Web Call. They can click on the button on your website and start the call immediately via their Web browser.

It works as a Mobile App, too. You can talk to your customers from anywhere. It works perfectly for the dynamic style of life and work.

There’s also a strong group of SMS fans. Channels offers a two-way SMS helpline to activate. Enable your customers to write you and respond to them quickly in the same way.

Feel free to use integrations with platforms like Shopify, Magento, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Zendesk, and more.

Plus, choose the type of phone number that covers the profile of your company. The offer includes the ones like international, toll-free, 800, virtual, and more.

Get Channels for free now.

Don’t wait and build a cloud call center with Channels. That’s how you can grow in your customers’ eyes.

Right now, Channels offers you a 7-day free trial during which you’ll get full access to the software, a free phone number, and a few $$$ so you can fully test it out! No credit card is required.

What’s stopping you?

The cloud call center is the way to make your business grow

In this article, I explained the general idea, benefits, and current position of cloud call centers in the world of customer service.

All so you know that having the access to your call center from everywhere can be a big advantage to your business.

You also see Channels as a partner to build a cloud call center that has all the features to boost your customer service.

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to ask!