Why Channels Is The Best Line2 Alternative

Why Channels Is The Best Line2 Alternative: Podium

Are you a Line2 user?
Maybe you’re looking to get a business phone line?
Or just a second phone number to use for your business?

Well, no matter which of the above applies to you, Line2 may seem like a good tool. And while it definitely does have potential, it lacks certain features and solutions. Especially when compared to Channels.

In this article, I’m going to show you why you need a Line2 alternative (especially if you’re a current user) and how Line2 compares to Channels.

We’ll sum it up with a quick summary of why Channels is the best Line2 alternative on the market, so you know why it’s worth giving us a try!

Table of contents:

  1. Why do you need a Line2 alternative
  2. Feature comparison – Line2 vs Channels
  3. Why Channels is the best Line2 alternative

Why do you need a Line2 alternative

First, let’s answer the question of why do you need a Line2 alternative.

Line2 lacks several features and capabilities which makes it a poor choice for anyone who wants to build a helpline for their customers or get a phone system to close sales over the phone.

Here are the main reasons why you should be looking for a Line2 alternative.

No Call Recording

In Line2 you won’t find call recording.

While at first, it may seem like not a big deal, the first time you’ll want to go back to a conversation you or one of your representatives had, it will become one.

Call recordings are a great way of keeping track of every conversation you and your employees have with your customers, clients, and leads.

Also, call recordings can be a great tool in teaching new hires how to properly do the job. You can pick a few exemplary calls and such live material should work better than any standard training.

In Channels, you’ll find call recordings in every pricing plan. The only difference is for how long you can store them. In the Professional plan, you can keep your call recordings even for a whole year!

Plus, Channels not only lets you record calls but also live-listen to ongoing conversations. Meaning, you or, let’s say Customer Service Manager, can tune into calls led by your representatives. This way you can quick-check the quality of their work or help them without interrupting the call.

No integrations

Nowadays, no business operates on one or two tools. We all create hefty software stacks that help us automate various tasks and parts of our business (especially the mundane ones).

This is exactly what integrations let us do. Get rid of mundane and repeatable tasks. Unfortunately, Line2 doesn’t come equipped with such integrations. While their system may be a good one, there’s no way to properly integrate it into your workflow and the rest of your tools.

Contrary, Channels offers you various integrations with tools such as Pipedrive, HubSpot, Magento, Integromat, and more.

Thanks to them, you can fit Channels into your workflow with no additional hustle or a need to reinvent your current work process.

Plus, we’re constantly working on new integrations and by the time you’re reading it, we’ve likely released a few more automations!

No Click-to-Call widget

Handling customer support calls and sales calls can often create a lot of friction in the whole work process. And some tools don’t make it easier.

Sure, having everything in your laptop is better than having to use your phone but what if you still have to click through various tabs and apps?

Here’s where Line2 doesn’t make it easier to handle phone calls. There’s no Click-to-Call widget that you could use to make calls no matter what website you’re on.

On the other hand, in Channels, you’ll find our Chrome extension that lets you handle phone calls from any point of your browser. Plus, it gives you the ability to make one-click calls as it recognizes phone numbers that appear on the website you’re currently browsing.

Less friction and more time to focus on what matters.

In addition to that, you’ll find another useful feature of our Chrome extension. Namely, after you integrate Channels with, let’s say Shopify, Channels will take customer data you store and present it to you anytime you have a call.

With just one click, you’ll be able to open the Customer Card which includes all of your customer’s details including their full name, previous calls, and past orders.

All these features together will make your calls last shorter while bringing more results to the table (and satisfaction to your customers).

No international phone numbers

It won’t be a dealbreaker for everyone but if you’re a company with a global reach, you might want to equip yourself with international phone numbers.

One, this will help you get in contact with your international customers and will make it more likely that these customers will get in touch with your company in case of any issue.

Plus, such a simple measure can turn your small business into a worldwide company just by presenting your brand with a few international phone numbers.

In Channels, you can choose from phone numbers from more than 60 countries, and the choice starts at $4/month. Combine this with affordable international call rates and you’ve got a perfect calling solution for your global business.

  • Call recording
  • Click-to-call widget
  • Various integrations
  • International phone numbers

You’ll find it all in Channels.

Try it out for 7 days for free and experience the difference in the quality of your calling experience.


Feature comparison – Line2 vs Channels

Here, I’d like to give you a look at the nitty-gritty of why Channels is the best Line2 alternative.

Below you’ll find a quick comparison of the most important features of both Channels and Line2. This should help you decide which software meets your needs.

Line2 vs Channels - Comparison Table


Why Channels is the best Line2 alternative

Now that you know why you should be looking for a Line2 alternative and how both Channels and Line2 compare in terms of features, let’s take a look at what exactly makes Channels the best Line2 alternative.

Record and live-listen to ongoing calls

Channels gives you the ability to record and store call recordings even up to 365 days. This opens a few – very promising – opportunities.

#1 You can always go back to a previous conversation. This might come in handy when you want to solve some dispute or issue with one of the customers. Or when you simply don’t remember the exact conditions of the deal that you’ve settled on with one of your clients.

#2 You can use exemplary call recordings as sort-of live material to teach new employees how to properly do the job. Trust me, it’s worth much more than hours-long training sessions.

Besides call recordings, Channels offer the live-listening feature. This allows you to tune into any ongoing conversation. What does it give you?

#1 You can perform quality checks anytime you want. Tune into any ongoing conversation and check whether the quality of the call matches your expectations.

#2 It’s likely the best way to help your representatives without interrupting the call. You can be a part of the call (see what’s going on) and provide tips to your representative if they struggle during the call.

Integrate with tools you’re already using

Reinventing the wheel is not what we want you to do. That’s why Channels comes with various integrations that will help you fit it into your workflow.

No matter if you’re running an online store or have a local business, you’ll find the right integration for your needs.

We’ve got something for those who want to:

  • Improve their sales calls process
  • Streamline their customer service
  • Build a solid helpline for their customers
  • Use customer data to have more meaningful conversations

Integrations are one of our priorities and thus by the time you’re reading this article, we’ve likely put out a few more.

Yet, right now you can find integration for eCommerce store owners – Magento, Shopify, Shoper – salespeople – Pipedrive and HubSpot – online businesses – Zendesk.

Plus, we also have integrations with Integromat and Zapier which allow you to connect Channels with *virtually* thousands of tools.

Work smart, not hard. Right?

Handle calls using any device you want

With Channels, handling phone calls (no matter if it’s customer service calls or sales calls) will be as convenient as it’s possible.

That’s because you can use many devices to handle these calls. And we’ve made dedicated solutions for each platform.

That being said, if you’d like to handle phone calls from your laptop or PC, the best way to do that will be using Channels Chrome Extension.

It’s a little piece of software that sits in your menu bar, always ready to serve. Using it, you can handle phone calls without having to log in to anything else. Plus, you have the freedom of browsing the web without having to keep that one webpage open.

Also, this Chrome extension allows you to make one-click calls from anywhere on the web. It detects phone numbers that appear on the website you are and highlights them so you can initiate the call with one click.

But that’s not the end of the benefits. Channels Chrome extension is where you can access the Customer Card. What is it?

Well, whenever someone calls you (or you call them), you’ll be able to click on a small link icon to access the Customer Card which consists of all your client’s details. Their full name, previous conversations, past orders, etc.

With this solution, you’ll be able to have more meaningful *but shorter* conversations that will make your customers (and representatives) happy.

In Channels, you’ll also find a dedicated solution for mobile devices.

We want you to have the same experience handling calls from your smartphone as you have using a computer. That’s why you’ll find Channels Mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

It lets you access all the crucial stuff such as your virtual phone number, contacts, and customer details such as call recordings. Basically, no matter if you’re building a customer support system or a sales call system, now you can keep it in your pocket.

Go global without breaking the bank

Getting a business phone system is a great way of expanding your reach beyond the borders of your country.

Yet, not every system gives the same possibilities in regards to international calls. For example, Line2 (just like Channels) offers affordable call rates to various countries. But they do not offer international phone numbers making it a bitter-sweet deal.

In Channels, you’ll find a whole package. We offer virtual phone numbers from more than 60 countries along with very affordable call rates.

If you want to go global and:

  • Build a helpline read to serve a worldwide audience
  • Close calls with your international clients
  • Or do both…

Channels will be a perfect business phone system.

Upgrade as you grow

These days, businesses can grow at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to gauge your business needs as they may change in a matter of days or months.

That’s why in Channels you’ll find it easy to go from one pricing plan to another. Therefore, making an upgrade in features you need.

We’re aware that at the moment you might want to set up a simple helpline for your up-and-coming online store. But what if the product catches on and you will have to deal with hundreds of clients?

No worries! With one click you’ll get the functionality of a robust customer service system to serve as many customers as you need.

With Channels, you’ll be able to scale the software you use according to the growth of your business.

Now you know why Channels is the best Line2 alternative!

As always, the devil is in the details. International phone numbers, various integrations, and one-click calls are just a few of them.

If you’re looking for a proper Line2 alternative then giving Channels a try will be a good choice. And now it’s easier to do than ever!

Read below…

Try the best Line2 alternative – Channels

No matter if your priority is to provide excellent customer service or to close deals over the phone – Channels will do the job.

Try our software with a 7-day free trial and experience the difference in quality and efficiency of your new calling experience.