We help online businesses have more meaningful conversations with their customers

Customer support phone calls have long held the name for the most annoying thing one has to do. Especially as the customer.

Long-time waiting on hold, being redirected between various departments and having to explain your point several times.

We believe that it all can be done differently by empowering customer support agents with crucial customer details right when it’s needed. More meaningful and straight-to-the-point conversations help businesses improve customer satisfaction and earn life-long customers friends.

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A few words about us

  • Our mission

    Channels strives to provide a better way for businesses to have more meaningful conversation with their customers. No more going-to-the-dentist-like customer support interactions!

  • Our promise

    You get what you paid for. No gimmicks or BS lies about what our software can do. Sure, you might increase your revenue by 1000% after switching to channels. But let’s keep it between us.

  • Our crew

    Channels is being created by a team of 30 employees from all around the world who put their heart and soul (and liters of coffee) into making our mission a thing.

  • Our customers

    We serve all online businesses no matter their size or industry. What we don’t support are all sorts of online scams that we cut off immediately.

With channels you can be sure that we’ll be...

Always at your service

Our 24/7 customer support will be waiting for your queries at all times. You can contact us via email: [email protected], give us a call: +1 (415) 366-1222 or hit us up on the live chat.

Alternatively, if you prefer contact via social media, we’re present on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

24/7 customer support team

In alignment with our Why

Our mission is to turn all customer support calls into more meaningful and pleasant conversation. We want you to have a business phone system that lets you do more. Therefore each feature, change, and an update will be done with this mission in mind.

Our mission is to turn all customer support calls into conversation

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