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Channels with Integromat means hundreds of more ways to use the software you love

Make one-click calls right from your CRM

Add a dedicated dialer to your CRM and make one-click calls right from the dashboard. No more clicking through various tools and copying phone numbers.

Make one-click calls right from your CRM

Auto-save phone calls with all their details

Have phone calls saved right into your ticketing system with all their details such as call recordings and client’s information. Make your calls just one more step in the process, not an obstacle.

Auto-save phone calls with all their details

Amaze your clients with data-powered phone calls

Answer customer support phone calls ready with all of your customers’ details such as their full name, past calls, and previous purchases. Shorter conversations, higher satisfaction.

Channels connects to your favorite platforms

And it’s just the fraction of what you can do with Channels!

Build helpline your customers will enjoy using

Channels comes with an in-built IVR system. Using it, you can (always!) connect callers directly to the right agent. No redirect or putting someone on hold.

Connect your customers directly to the right agent

Carry customer support center in your pocket

With our Mobile app, you can handle customer support calls even when you’re out of the office. Plus, you’ll have access to customer details, call recordings, and all your virtual phone numbers wherever you are!

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Use customer data to have conversations that matter

Channels lets you make one-click calls using our Chrome extension. And during each of the calls, you can access the Customer Card. It consists of all customer details including your past conversations, previous orders, and personal information.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Put your work on autopilot and connect channels with hundreds of apps using Integromat logo

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