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Present your company in the most memorable way. Stay professional and keep your personal phone number private.

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Business Phone Number means plenty of benefits for you and your company

Make your phone number easy to remember

A business phone number is your company’s business card. Make it memorable, professional, and easy to remember so your customers won’t have a problem contacting you.

Make your company look bigger and established

Tailor your communication to your customers

Choose from a plethora of local and international business phone numbers from more than 60 countries. Personalize your communication to your customers for higher satisfaction.

International phone numbers and affordable call rates

Handle business phone calls from your mobile

Make and take calls using your smartphone and keep your personal phone number secure. With Channels Mobile app, you’ll get access to all key information such as your business phone numbers, call recordings, and clients’ details.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Stay flexible with no hardware on board

Business phone number in Channels means you don’t have to buy any additional hardware. Plus, the set up takes less than 2 minutes. Flexibility as its best.

No hardware, lower communication costs

It takes less than 3 minutes to get a business phone number in Channels

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    Sign up for a Free account in Channels

  • 2

    Choose your new business phone number for free!

  • 3

    Get ready to make calls!

Choose your Business Phone Number

Watch a video of the whole process to see how easy it is!

Let us do the talking!

A business phone number is a phone number used to present your company with. It’s a number that your customers, clients, and leads can call to get support or get information regarding your product or service.

A virtual business phone number is an alternative to a regular landline phone. The reason why these are more popular is that they offer much more flexibility and opportunity for personalization. With a business phone number, you don’t need costly and clunky hardware or specialists to set it up. Now, all it takes to get a virtual business phone number is a few clicks and less than 2 minutes of your time.

Plus, a virtual business phone number in Channels is much more than just another phone number. Here, you get a whole business phone system with plenty of features to help you with customer service and sales prospecting. And, all of it can be accessed through your smartphone with Channels Mobile app and Chrome Extension.

Choose a business phone number that best fits your needs

  • Virtual phone numbers

    All phone numbers in Channels are virtual phone numbers. This means you can get a business phone number you want in less than 2 minutes. No hardware, no lengthy setup, or additional fees.

  • Local phone numbers

    Get a phone number with an area code tailored to your local audience. With personalized communication, you’ll show you, customers, that you care. Plus, the chance they’ll get in touch with your company is going to skyrocket.

  • Toll Free phone numbers

    Make it a no-brainer to call your company. Toll Free numbers are the industry standard in the US and are the sign of quality and trustworthiness. Equip your business with one if you want to appear professional and unique.

  • International phone numbers

    If your business reaches across the borders of your country so should your business phone number. In Channels, we offer international phone numbers from more than 60 countries so you can choose the phone number that will best suit your international customers.

  • Vanity phone numbers

    It’s the best way to make your business phone number stand out. If you want to make the communication a special and memorable experience get a vanity phone number that’ll become your new point of contact and evergreen advertisement.

With Channels, you get much more than a single Business Phone Number

Record calls and listen to ongoing conversations

With Channels, you can record every call you make and store it for as long as you need to. Plus, you can support newly hired agents with live-listening. This way you can be a part of the call without being its active part.

Record and store your phone calls with Channels

Build a helpline ready for every customer

Using an IVR system you can build a helpline that will connect each customer to the right agent. This way you’ll limit the number of redirects or times your agents have to put callers on hold.

Build a helpline with Channels

Make Channels a part of your workflow

Channels integrates with various apps and tools so you don’t have to compromise your current software stack. Fit Channels right into your workflow and make it a part of your business routine.

Integrate Channels Virtual PBX with tools you’re using

Start each call with everything you need

Handling calls with our Chrome extensions give you an option to access Customer Card. In there, you’ll find all crucial customer information such as their full name, past calls, or previous orders. This way, you’ll start every call with all the information you need.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get a business phone number?

All you have to do is sign up for a free account in Channels. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have an option to choose a business phone number of your choice (for free!).

Can I get a free business phone number?

Yes! The first business phone number is on us. You’ll be able to choose it as soon as you register in Channels.

Can I get a business phone number in my area code?

Of course! Getting a business phone number from outside your business’ physical area can help you reach new audiences and expand your venture. And with Channels, it’s easier than ever!

How much does it cost to get a business phone number?

The first business phone number in Channels is free! In general, business phone numbers in Channels start from $4/month. While we offer more pricey options ($10/month), most of our business phone numbers can be bought for an affordable $4/month.

Does Channels have a mobile app?

Yes. We do have a Mobile app that works on both iOS and Android. It gives you access to all the crucial details that you would want to access via the web app. This includes all your virtual phone numbers, contacts, and call recordings.

Can I get an 800 business phone number?

Yes, we offer all kinds of Toll Free phone numbers including the 800 business phone numbers.

Do I need any hardware to use your business phone numbers?

Not at all. All it takes to get and use a business phone number in Channels is to sign up for a free account and choose your new business phone number. No hardware needed.

Can I forward my business phone number to another number?

Yes, you can. The whole gist of virtual business phone numbers is that you can use them as a sort of a business card but actually take calls using your, e.g. personal phone number.