Provide excellent service with customer details at your hand

Make use of customer details you’re collecting and have customers support phone calls that win you life-long customers.

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Integrate Channels with Shopify

Most customer service experiences feel like going to the dentist

Yours doesn’t have to

More than 51% of the customers go straight to the source by calling the company when they have an issue. Yet, almost half of them describe the experience of contacting customer support as equal to “stubbing their toe” or even “going to the dentist.”

But, if you know the most important customer details upfront — their full name, past orders, and preferences — you can get straight to the point and make the call much more pleasant. Stand out from the crowd of endless interview-like customer support phone calls and offer support center your customers will be glad to use.

Why should you bother?

  • That’s how many customers are disappointed by how hard it is to contact various brands.

Here's how we can improve your customer service

Use customer data from Shopify and have more meaningful conversations

Channels integrates with Shopify and displays the most important customer details right when the call begins. This way, you can get straight to the point of the call and assist your customers like you already know their issue and the reason behind the call.

Use customer data from Shopify in Channels

Handle calls no matter the device and place

Using our Mobile app, you’ll be able to assist your customers in any situation you may find yourself. Plus, you can start the conversation on mobile and look up the customer data on the Click-To-Call widget using your laptop or PC.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Connect your customers directly to the right agent

Waste no time of yours or of your customers. Using IVR you’ll be able to insert a welcome message and let your callers choose a number on a keypad to connect them with a proper department right away. This way you limit the time you have to put your customers on hold or redirect them. Shorter calls = happier customers.

Connect your customers directly to the right agent with Channels IVR

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