Why Channels is The Best Google Voice Alternative [In 2022]

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The current climate is to always look for the best possible solution and avoid classifying the name of the brand above the actual quality. This is why we introduce Channels as the best Google Voice alternative.

As a small business owner who relies on international calling, you want to find the best solution out there that will help you achieve your business goals.

Fortunately or not, there is plenty of solutions that might be a good choice.

When the options are unlimited some people make their choice based on the company’s name (the easy way) while others research to find out what will truly suit them the most.

Assuming you’re the latter (you rock!) it’s clear that going for a big-name brand won’t make you happy. Hence, it will make you feel like you’re losing out on a better deal. And you know what?

You’re completely right!

Even though Google Voice might seem like a good choice for someone who’s looking for a neat way to call abroad it’s not so a well-suited choice for SMB owners and here’s why…

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Google Voice is getting worse
  2. What Channels can do for my business
  3. Why Channels is the best Google Voice alternative

Why Google Voice is getting worse

Nowadays, you can hear a lot of bad stuff about Google. Yet, let’s not be so biased. Google was actually one of the first companies to truly invest in VoIP.

In 2009 Google acquired a project called GrandCentral and after a couple of improvements and face-lifting they put it out under the Google Voice name. Ten years ago this was a big step in regards to mobile calling and there’s no reason to deny that.

But as time went on, Google seemingly took a long pause in the year 2009. To be honest, not many changes have been applied to the Google Voice project.


First, Google is a gigantic company and they won’t focus on every single project, even if it seems to be working quite well. In the best-case scenario, they’ll let the project live but won’t make any updates whatsoever. And that’s the case with Google Voice.

Second, Google focused on another mobile-network project called Google Fi which has nothing to do with business calling but seemingly has taken place of the prior Voice project.

Even a simple web search will yield tons of queries from various forums like google voice alternative reddit or google voice alternative quora meaning there’s a bunch of people looking for a comprehensive google voice alternative. That alone means there’s something to the case.

Google Voice Alternative Reddit Web Search Results

Still, Google Voice might be a good choice for personal use, but if you want a reliable solution that can help your business thrive, you better look for a google voice alternative instead of trying to use google voice for business. The one like Channels.

What Channels can do for my business

First of all, at Channels, we understand the needs of small and medium business owners.

We know that you’re looking for a flawless mobile solution that will help you contact customers and nurture them for an evergreen audience.

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to reach your leads and turn them into customers.

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s the whole package you get with Channels:

  • Flawless Mobile App
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Best International Rates
  • Easy project management
  • Most affordable pricing plans
  • Multiple International Phone Numbers

I can tell you one thing:

If your business relies on international calling you’ll be happy with Channels.

We offer plans and call rates that will suit any business that wants to reach far beyond the boundaries of their country.

Drop the idea of several SIM cards in your pocket, as well as, operating on the software created by the non-reachable company with the best alternative to google voice that’s out there.

Below, I’ll walk you through all of the ins and outs of Google Voice vs Channels and why you should consider it a service better than google voice.

Why Channels is the best Google Voice alternative

Right now you probably have a good idea of why Channels is a good solution for anyone who wants to manage their calling efforts using a mobile phone. Yet, we’re here to show why you should choose Channels as a Google Voice alternative.

Here, I’ll walk you through what Google Voice is not capable of and what makes Channels the best Google Voice alternative you can go for.

Stop depending on G Suite

We get it. Google wants it all. But let’s be honest, it shouldn’t be the case that you have to connect your calling solution with everything Google-made.

Maybe you’re a fan of Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

But what if you’re not?

Well… You have no choice but to use them!

We hardly disagree with that approach and we want you to use the software of your choice.

Channels doesn’t take advantage of any 3rd-party software. You can configure everything inside your app without being forced to use other solutions.

What’s more, because we don’t insist you connect the app with other solutions, it’s clear and easy to use. You won’t miss a single call, notification, or update with default solutions!

Of course, that doesn’t limit possible integrations that you can freely use to make everything as convenient as you need.

Privacy Issues

You wouldn’t let anyone peak through your bedroom’s window to “check out” what you’re currently doing, would you?

The answer is obvious, but sadly that’s what oftentimes happens to users of Google. The company is known for its data breaches and even though they had plenty of time to fix them, you should still be aware of privacy concerns linked to using Google services.

When your own privacy is at risk you can always act on your own. But when it comes to the privacy of those who use your software you have to be more cautious than ever. Today’s lawsuits can instantly kill a company of any size, so you should take all the measures to prevent leaks and breaches from happening.

That’s just another reason why Channels is one of the best Google Voice replacements.

We know that you care about the privacy of your users, their data, and recordings and that’s why we’ve never suffered from any data leaks or breaches. Because of that, you get assurance that your clients’ data will be sound and safe.

And we won’t even mention Google’s associations with the CIA and NSA that should make any person out there think twice about making use of their services.

Be professional, look professional

Although we’re taught not to judge the book by its cover when choosing new software, service, or product we make our judgments based on how professional it looks.

That’s why even if you’re a small business, you should put some effort into making your venture look more professional.

If your business depends on international calling, there’s no better way to do that, but to equip yourself with several virtual international phone numbers.

International Phone Number in Channels’ footer

Using Channels this task is easier than ever.

Upon registration, you’ll get a free phone number. Then, if you want you can purchase additional international phone numbers in less than a minute!

You can benefit from it in various ways:

  • Increase the contact rate
  • Make your business look international
  • Let your leads and customers contact you with ease

Channels make it easy for you to go global and serve customers the way they want to be served. All of that, plus a more professional look!

An actual 24/7 support

We’ve all seen big companies luring potential customers with 24/7 support promises.

Yet, while it might be true, you’ll also spend 24/7 waiting for your call to be answered!

With Channels, no such thing will ever happen.

First, we offer 24/7 support that is always there for you to help resolve any issue you might experience.

Contact Webpage in Channels

Second, to make it as easy as it can be, we offer an omnichannel solution to customer service. Thus, you can contact us via phone, email, live chat, and Facebook. We are right where you are!

Third, we offer you a comprehensive Knowledge Base that will help you resolve any issue on your own.

It’s no surprise that huge companies can’t serve all of their customers at once. That hurts both them and their customers. At Channels we put significant importance on the matter of customer satisfaction, so you can be sure your queries will be answered in a flash!

That’s just another reason why you should consider Channels as a great Google Voice alternative.

Available globally

Do you know why people are looking for google voice alternatives in Canada, UK, India, Australia, and Europe?

That’s because Google Voice isn’t available globally!

On the other hand, Channels can be accessed and downloaded from every place on the Globe.


International phone numbers and affordable call rates


We realize that businesses all around the world need to call abroad. More, they need to be able to make these calls at affordable rates and using a simple and intuitive solution.

While bulky software created by a huge company may seem tempting, it oftentimes leads to us overpaying for features that will never be used.

With Channels, you get a user-friendly and intuitive app that will help you reach abroad with ease.

All in all, if you’re looking for a Google Voice alternative in India, UK, Canada, Australia, or Europe you found the right one!

Better call history management

While most solutions such as Google Voice try to make their app look just like the default phone layout, we’ve gone a step further with the call history.

As business calls tend to differ from casual, every day phone calls, we’ve decided to create three separate categories for better call history management. On top of that, we’ve divided each of the calls into several groups depending on the type of the call.

For every business that relies on international calling and that’s operated by various call agents it’s important to know:

  • Caller’s details
  • Status of the call
  • Who took or made the call
  • The project a particular call belongs to
  • Whether the call was inbound or outbound

The Channels’ call history tab was designed so you get all of that information just with a glance.

We know that your business relies on efficiency and so we strive to help you bring it to the next level! That’s also why Channels serves as a Google Voice alternative – it puts customers’ needs first.

Our team designed the Channels App so your business can grow as you wish. In the end, if your business depends on international calling, it will go only as far as the calling solution you use allows it to.

Download Channels App on both iOS and Android

Channels is not only available globally but can also be accessed on any platform you choose.

That’s why Channels App serves as both Google Voice alternatives for ios and android as you can download the app on both platforms!

Best and transparent call rates

To call internationally you don’t need any additional resources but a phone and standard SIM card. Yet, if you rely on such a setup, the enormous call rates will make you quit the business sooner than you’ve started.

That’s why businesses look for such solutions as Google Voice. Yet, what is the difference if the rates are better (if that’s the case) when they’re not transparent!

With Channels, you get a bird’s eye view of all the call rates we offer. We make international calling as affordable as it can be, plus we show you the exact rates you’ll have to pay.


Try Channels as a Google Voice alternative before you purchase a 7-day free trial

Are you ready to upgrade your calling software and take your business to where it deserves to be?

If so, you can kick off with the 7-day free trial during which you get full access to our software. Plus, we give you one free phone number and a couple of $$$ to start making calls right away.

No credit card required, 7 days for free, 24/7 support.

Try the best Google Voice alternative – Channels!