Get a phone system in Zendesk without spending a fortune on Zendesk Talk

Integrate your Zendesk account with Channels and have a data-powered phone system right inside your dashboard. Fewer futile tasks, more time to focus on your customers.

Integrate Channels with Zendesk

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Channels features to help you improve your business

Handle customer calls right from your Zendesk CRM

No more sorting through various apps or navigating between tools. With Channels integration, you’ll have a dedicated dialer right in your Zendesk account. Everything in one place for better management and less mess.

Handle customer calls right from your Zendesk CRM

Solve customer problems faster than ever before

Using Channels build-in widget, you’ll always know who’s calling. Plus, with a single click, you can access the Customer Card which consists of all customer details. Get straight to the point and end with interview-like customer support phone calls.

Channels widget

Offer support even while on the go

With our Mobile App, you can provide proper support even while you’re out of the office. Wherever you go, your virtual phone numbers, contacts, and call recordings will be with you. Turn your phone into a fully-functioning customer support device.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Have all the details right where you need them

Every call you have will be saved as a new ticket inside your Zendesk account. This way you’ll lose no important data and you’ll be able to access it no matter where you’re currently logged in.

Handle customer calls right from your Zendesk CRM

Go omnichannel with your customer support

Make your customer support adapt to your customers’ preferences. Answer customer request not only through the ticketing system but also using the phone, chat, and SMS. Omnichannel and 24/7 are what wins life-long customers!

24/7 customer support team

Integrate Zendesk logo with channels and streamline your customer service

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