Work from home and take your helpline with you

Remote-ready customer service app to help you provide excellent customer support no matter where you and your team are.

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Work from home with Channels

Your team works remotely and so should your customer support center

Things have changed quickly. Most businesses, under the pressure of current regulations, had to switch to WFH mode and operate remotely. There was no question whether anyone had the ability to adapt. We all had to do it.

Sadly, not every software adapts to the situation as people do.

But that doesn’t have to stay true for your customer service tools. That’s because Channels is ready to serve no matter where you or your team are. Using it, you can build a flexible customer support center and manage everything and everyone, all with ease, as nothing has changed.

Here’s how Channels can help you provide excellent customer support

No matter where you and your team are located

Handle customer calls wherever you are

With our Mobile app, all you need to answer your customers’ queries is a smartphone with access to the Internet. No desktop apps that would limit your flexibility or, even worse, desktop phones that can only keep you chained to the desk. Plus, all inbound calls are free so you’re one step closer to making your support center a profit center!

Channels mobile app

Have customer calls that matter

When working on your laptop, all you need to provide excellent customer support is our Click-to-Call Widget, which is nothing else than a simple Chrome Extension. Using it, you can access crucial customer details right when your customers are calling. This way, you can get straight to the point of the conversation instead of asking endless questions. And, you can handle customer calls from any webpage you’re on!

Order detals in Channels Click-to-Call Widget

Manage everyone and everything, from one spot

Channels Web app is built so you can access every ongoing call and details such as call recordings, contacts, or notes, all from one place. Manage reps and monitor calls with live-listening. No matter where you are, you’ll always have a full overview of what’s going on at your customer support center.

Call recordings

Call global or locally, regardless of where your audience is

With international phone numbers from more than 60 countries, you’ll make it easy for your customers to contact your company and reach out to them if there’s such a need. Plus, we give you the most affordable call rates, so no outbound call will hurt your budget. And, by calling with a local number, there’s a much higher chance of someone else picking up that phone.

International phone numbers

Work from home and take your helpline with you

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