Give your customers a way to call you effortlessly, for free

Don’t ask customers to look for a phone number. Offer them a better way to contact you - directly from their browser, right when they need it. Try Channels Web Call.

Customers around the world can call you for free

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Channels Web Call redefines your way to provide support over the phone

Offer instant, outstanding customer support experience

Providing proper customer support is the first step to higher customer retention. By adding Channels Web Call to your website, your customers will get a free and instant way to call you, exactly at the moment when they’ll need it.

Channels applications

Make call widget integral to your website

Customize the look and feel of your call widget to make it yours. Set the theme, colors, and position of the widget, so it’ll match your style and your brand.

Channels applications

Handle call wherever you are

Modern businesses need to be flexible. That’s why in Channels you can answer calls regardless of where you are. Our Mobile App allows you to handle calls on the go and our browser extension cover you every time you work on your laptop.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Record calls and listen to ongoing conversations

With Channels, you can record every call you make and store it for further purposes. Plus, you can support newly hired agents with live-listening. This way you can participate in the call with no need of being active.

Record and store your phone calls with Channels
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