Automate your sales process and close every call you make

Channels integrates with HubSpot to show you key client information at the beginning of every call. Be ready for every call, even the unexpected ones.

Channels connects to Hubspot

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Channels features

Get customer details right when the call starts

Channels uses customer data that you store in your HubSpot CRM and presents it right when the call starts. Using the Customer Card you get to know all of your client’s details right when you need them the most.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Make one-click sales calls from HubSpot

Using Click-to-Call Chrome Extension you can make sales calls by clicking phone numbers that appear on your screen. You can use this feature right from your HubSpot CRM so there’s no need to copy-paste or export all of your contacts.

Make sales calls directly from Hubspot

Handle sales calls wherever you are

With our Mobile App, you have the freedom of handling sales calls no matter time and place. Using it, you get access to all your regular data such as your contacts, phone numbers, or call recordings.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Lose no details with data synced between both tools

To make sure you miss no data, Channels will automatically save call history and links to call recordings in your HubSpot account. This way no matter which software you use, you’ll have all the details you need.

Lose no details with data synced between both tools

Reach worldwide without stretching your budget

We offer phone numbers from more than 60 countries including local, vanity, international, 800, and Toll-free phone numbers. These will help you reach your target audience and personalize prospecting for a better chance of success.

International phone numbers and affordable call rates

Integrate Hubspot logo with channels and power up your sales process

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