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With Channels, your sales revenues can reach the sky. Start a call with one click. Show your offer and make the deal quickly and comfortably.

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Unique customer relationships lead to high sales revenues. Build them with Channels.

Manage your CRM system with one click

Get a browser extension, so you have all phone numbers highlighted and start a one-click call from any website. You can also launch it in your CRM system and call customers directly from there.

Make one-click calls right from your CRM

Get to know all customer details before a call

With Channels, you don’t need to remember the history of each customer relationship. We do it for you by showing you all customer details before a call. You can move straight to closing the deal.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Close the deals from your pocket

Use Channels as a Mobile App. This is how you can give professional customer service from everywhere. Reach for your mobile and have all business contacts and other key information stored there.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Explore even more special features

With Channels, unique customer service is just a beginning. You can also benefit from the features like call recording, interactive voice response (IVR), international phone numbers, and many more.

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