Channels for customer support

It’s how you provide excellent customer support over the phone

Channels’ data-driven phone system means faster problem resolution for your customers and fewer questions asked for your team.

Channels connects to your favorite platforms

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What makes Channels stand out from the crowd

Start every call with key information at hand

Thanks to various integrations, Channels pulls customer data to show you it right when the call starts. This way, instead of asking endless questions, you can get straight to the point of the conversation. And resolving customer problems will take 50% less of your time.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Onboard new reps in minutes, not days

Channels is a calling software that reflects the rules of minimalism and clarity. Its user-friendly interface will help you get started in minutes. And the same goes for your new hires who’ll be ready to do the job without extensive training or countless onboarding sessions.

Make sales calls directly from Pipedrive

Waste no one’s time and connect callers to the right agent

Using the IVR system you can route incoming calls based on the issue. Depending on what your customers want to talk about, all they have to do is click the corresponding button on the keypad. This means no more redirects or times when you have to put your callers on hold.

Implement Channels IVR

Get back to any conversation you need and train your agents

Record your calls and store for as long as you want. These will come in handy when you’d like to show your new hires how to do the job. And, you’ll be able to get back to an important call even if it happened a year ago!

Record and store your phone calls with Channels

Companies change for the better when they provide customer support using Channels

Channels definitely helped to streamline the customer support at 2way. The time our customer service reps spend on the phone halved but the customer satisfaction grew. The feedback that we get after each call was never like this before. Happy faces all across the board.

Jan Biłyk

Provide customer support that makes your customers go “Wow, that was a nice call…”