Create custom workflows and use Channels with apps you work with daily

Integrate Channels with your favorite tools through Zapier and put your work on autopilot. Get rid of mundane tasks and work in a more convenient way.

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Channels for Zapier is your way to a more convenient and automated workstyle

Stay on top of every customer issue

Channels for Zapier lets you create tasks and new tickets based on calls you had. With that, you’ll be able to turn every customer issue into a new to-do that will be taken care of and ultimately solved.

Auto-save phone calls with all their details

Keep your agents updated on missed calls

Send notifications about missed calls so your customer service reps are able to act upon such events. Don’t let your prospects and customers churn because no one answered their call.

Keep your agents updated on missed calls

Handle call details the way you want

In Channels, you get lots of customer details such as call recordings, names, and notes. With Zapier integrations you can import this data and analyze and store it the way you want.

Handle call details the way you want

Take a look at how you can put your work on autopilot with Channels for Zapier