Your customers hate your customer support.

82% of customers are disappointed with how hard it is to contact brands in case of an issue. We’re changing this with the first ever, data-driven phone system.

Channels connects to your favorite platforms

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Integrate with your favorite platforms

Channels connects to the platforms of your choice. Thanks to it you can get straight to the conversation with your customers instead of asking them dozens of questions. Have shorter and more meaningful calls and turn your clients into friends.

Channels connects to the platforms of your choice

Add two-way SMS to your communication

Send and receive text messages and make your communication even more diverse. Reach those who prefer text over the phone and keep your customers engaged with two-way text messages.

Channels applications

Handle calls wherever you are

You’re not a tree, nor we expect you to be. You’re always in motion and channels moves with you. Using the mobile app you’ll be able to handle the calls whenever you are. Plus, conversations synchronize with your Click to Call widget so you can finish them on your laptop and look up all the information regarding your customer in the most suitable way!

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Bridge the gap between you and your customers

Make it easy to contact your company. By building a helpline, your customers will be able to reach you at all times, making it easy to resolve their issues. This, as a result, creates happy customers that stay longer.

Build a helpline with Channels

Companies thrive after switching to Сhannels

Piotr Wieczorek, CEO FlyOnTheCloud

Piotr Wieczorek

CEO Fly On The Cloud

Channels is a no-brainer for customer service. It is as quick to implement as it could be and after the switch, we’ve had less confusion with how to service our customers and keep them happy. Also, amazing customer support!

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