7 Things You Lose Without A Cloud-Based Phone System

Do you remember setting up a landline phone system in your office? At least, you must know about the difficulties related to such activity. 

Buying an unspecified number of fixed telephones, time-consuming installment of telephone lines, reaching a rigid, 24-month agreement with a provider, going through all this stuff every time a new worker is hired. A bit burdensome, isn’t it? 

We are yet to find a panacea in medicine. It’s more like a fairy-tale substance. 

But, if we keep it real, we might think that there is something similar to that considering business phone networks. It’s a cloud-based phone system. Here’s my statement: it works perfectly for everyone.   

Of course, there’s a belief that it doesn’t fit a small business as a closed landline phone network is seemingly easier to launch and more efficient in a tiny office. 

Medium and big companies are thought to be more open to this solution as they have more employers and more customers to serve. In this case, a system stored in a cloud is capable of handling everyday affairs.

You can call me a myth buster. The fact is, the size and the duration of your company don’t matter. Setting up a cloud phone system doesn’t require a numerous group of IT specialists. It can be started instantly by anyone.  

The point is, it can help small businesses in achieving their main goal – grow constantly in many fields. The phone network is a base for proper development. 

The main idea of this solution says it all – it improves the communication between a business and its customer to an unprecedented scale. Customer satisfaction is a priority – when you have it, real success becomes a matter of time.

But, one might say that it’s too general. Don’t worry, there are many more reasons to support my claim. Just to remind you – a cloud-based phone system is perfect for your business.

Why exactly? Let’s go one by one.

Table of contents:

  1. Saving money
  2. Protection of the crucial data
  3. No need for the IT help
  4. Easy introduction of new users to the system
  5. Improvement of your business with an omnipresent system
  6. Customer experience and customer satisfaction
  7. More than classic features

1. Saving money

We start from the reason that appeals the most to you. I guess we all feel great after making the decisions that result in saving money in our pockets. They are priceless.

The cloud phone system qualifies as one of these choices. Classic on-premise PBX systems take too much money out of our accounts regularly. Additionally, you need to have a fixed device on your desk, so it’s another cost. 

I bet you always try to invest more in the most important fields of your business (production, marketing) to give it the right development. If you do, switching to a cloud-based phone system is a sure thing.

How does the economy work? 

To put it simply – a cloud phone system is based on your Internet connection, the agreements are more flexible. You can easily negotiate a deal that is profitable and satisfies your needs at the same time.

Traditional systems require initial investments, paying for the maintenance and doing so for every additional feature.

In comparison, the calls through a cloud phone system are mostly based on local numbers, toll-free numbers, and affordable international calls. 

As a result, your monthly bills for the phone may be cut even to 60%. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

2. Protection of the crucial data

No business owner wants his customer data to be so fragile that Sting would sing about it. Fortunately, a cloud-based phone system guarantees full security.

Remember that confidential data are permanently exposed to actions like cyberattacks. They may also fall because of a server error or random human failure. 

When the data are located in one place, I mean an on-premise PBX system, it works like a time bomb. The only difference is that you cannot predict the exact time of the explosion. Something bad happens, everything breaks and may fall into the wrong hands.

This is why I strongly recommend protecting yourself and your customers.

Here comes the cloud-based phone system. It’s based on remote data centers. Even when something goes wrong with such a data center, another one comes to the rescue. All the data is transferred to another cloud and everything keeps going continuously. 

It’s like having an infinite number of lives in a Super Mario Bros game. Isn’t it a tempting perspective?

3. No need for the IT help

Clouds are accessible from everywhere. This is why your staff can fix any customer service problem in a blink of an eye.

By this, I mean full system installation and configuration, call recordings management, customer data security, anything you may think about. All is done by quick log-in from anywhere, a couple of clicks, and saving the results.

The conclusion is simple – as these basic activities don’t require much time and effort, so your IT specialists can focus on their main tasks, which are urgent at particular times.

Just imagine how does it look like with a landline PBX system. A specialist needs to be in a specific place, find the source of the problem in physical devices, fix it manually and pray that it won’t happen again any time soon. 

If the task is repeated over and over again, a worker might start to feel like a Sisyphus. No one wants that to happen.

With a cloud-based phone system, it’s a different story.

4. Easy introduction of new users to the system 

Cloud-based systems are extremely easy to set up and use. 

As your business grows, you keep acquiring new employees. He needs his phone number in your private phone network, so he can easily contact other employees or customers.

Let’s be honest – you don’t want to waste any time on activities like adding a new member to your business. You want everything to be done quickly and qualitatively. With a landline phone network, forget about it.

New wires, new ports, paying attention not to spoil anything. I don’t mean to be rude towards a phone system, but it just doesn’t deserve to take so much time. 

A cloud-based phone system significantly increases productivity. Few clicks and the new account is ready. Your workmate has easy access, learns everything quickly, and consequently takes care of both inbound and outbound calls.

5. Improvement of your business with an omnipresent system

Mobility is frequently mentioned as the most important feature of a cloud-based phone system. It’s hard to disagree with this point of view.

Especially last year taught us a lot about this value. Because of a pandemic, many businesses were forced to switch to a remote working model.

As you might guess, a landline phone system is useless in such circumstances. Calling agents just need to have access to everything from their home office to freely call the customers. 

This is why the most beneficial solution was to provide the whole business with a cloud. You have a customer-oriented service available from everywhere. It also matters when your business starts to develop outside your home country.

You easily keep in touch with your employees and customers using just your mobile device. That’s a remarkable benefit for your business. 

An opportunity to clinch a crucial deal for your company may appear any time – while you watch your favorite show after work or during your holiday. Then, it’s always great to have all your business contacts within your reach. 

This juxtaposition is easy to understand. When you’re attached to a landline phone system, it’s impossible. When you use a mobile phone and you have all contacts and data stored in a cloud, you are available permanently. 

Strong convenience, isn’t it?

6. Customer experience and customer satisfaction

One reason to support this idea has already been mentioned. Your customers just feel safer knowing that their private data is protected. As soon as they understand that you care about their safety, you can gain their trust in a flash.

I know we can distinguish several types of customers, but a cloud-based phone system is a general favor. Everybody benefits from it.

As the customer relationship is stronger, you can easily provide important news, such as discounts, new features, and more. 

You can be sure that your customers will listen to you with interest. They will remember that you introduced a solution that is created mostly for their advantage.

The cloud-based system can reach out beyond the borders of a classic phone network. Calls are just the beginning – you can always have it as a mobile application, so there are more and more features to improve your customer experience on many levels.

Here comes another reason.

7. More than classic features

As I said, phone calls can be just a trigger to shoot an innovative system. I’ll show you the multiplicity of possible features on the example of Channels.

Channels is a data-driven phone system that works out great for both you and your customers. 

There are alternative ways of contact – it’s not only the phone, but you can also add a personalized widget on your website, so the customers can call you with just one click. 

Your customer service agents can also display the purchase history of your customer, listen to previous call recordings, as well as see the basic personal information before a call. 

It’s another level of improving customer experience – there’s no need for a long interview, a call becomes warmer in a second so you can move straight to the subjects that matter.

Sometimes customers like other ways of contact – Channels is here to provide you with two-way SMS communication. Some of us just feel more comfortable while texting the message. 

It’s just a few features that distinguish Channels from the other phone customer service providers. Besides, you have integrations with the biggest e-commerce platforms, a variety of phone numbers – e.g. virtual, toll-free, and international ones. Judge it yourself.

Get Channels for free now.

Experience all the features and make your business grow rapidly.

Right now, Channels offers you a 7-day free trial during which you’ll get full access to the software, a free phone number, and a few $$$ so you can fully test it out! No credit card is required.

What’s stopping you?

Cloud-based phone service is the missing piece of your success

Yeah, you got it right. Building a successful company feels like a long and demanding jigsaw, there are more and more pieces to reach the top.

However, we can start with the pieces that undoubtedly fit each other right from the start, so we have at least the edges of our image. In other words, you need to have the base to complete the puzzle.

The cloud-based phone system is one of the solutions that are worth trying from the very beginning of your activity. 

I’ve just listed the 7 most striking reasons why you should not wait any longer and open yourself for a new system. It works perfectly, so you can waste no time and focus on other fields of your business, which are important at a particular moment.

If you need more information about the idea of cloud telephony, there you go. Any more questions? I’m here to help you!