Top 6 LinkedIn and Facebook Sales Groups

Stockings with social media stuffers

Social media has made us connected like never before.

With just a few clicks we can reach the CEOs of the biggest companies, famous celebrities or even presidents of (some) countries.

We can use these powers in two different ways:

We can either:

  • share pictures and videos of our goofy dogs and cats
  • or

  • use it to develop our skills and exchange the knowledge, tips, and insights

If you chose the second option, read on as we are going to reveal how to make it happen.

To effectively exchange the knowledge you need an active community which contributes to the development of its members.

Great place to look for such communities is both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Using these social networks, you’re able to find groups focused solely on providing useful content, information, tips and engaging the community to share their knowledge and help each other grow their skills.

Yet, most people find it hard to find proper sales groups and don’t know how to search for groups on LinkedIn or how to search Facebook groups.

To help you save some time and reduce unnecessary stress on doing the research we’ve compiled a list of Top 6 LinkedIn and Facebook Sales Groups.

Simply, check out their descriptions and find out which one suits you the best.

There will be no need to perform a LinkedIn groups search on your own!

We’ve made sure to only include active groups which focus on providing useful content and having engaging conversations. You won’t find here spam groups which – trust me – there are loads of!

Instead, we’ve curated a list of top-notch sales groups moderated by top-notch salespeople.

Before we go any further, here you’ll find shortcuts to each of the sections that you can find in the article, as well as, to every sales group that we describe. If you find any of these topics particularly interesting, you can jump straight into it!

Table of contents:

  1. Why LinkedIn Sales Groups?
  2. Why Facebook Sales Groups?
  3. LinkedIn & Facebook Sales Groups 101
  4. Make It Happen – B2B Sales with John Barrows – Facebook sales group
  5. Sales Talk With Sales Pros – Facebook sales group
  6. Sales Professionals Group – Facebook sales group
  7. Click Funnels (Official) – Facebook sales group
  8. Sales Best Practices – LinkedIn sales group
  9. Inside Sales Experts – LinkedIn sales group

Now, let’s move on to explore what we’ve all gathered here for.

Why LinkedIn Sales Groups?

You may ask: “Why would I search LinkedIn groups?”

Right. So, there are actually a few reasons why you would do that.

First of all, LinkedIn gathers professionals. Thus, it is easier to find people who have expertise in some particular topic. That’s why you can find so many sales groups on LinkedIn as there are so many people interested in sales on that platform.

Also, it is not that hard to execute a LinkedIn groups search.
To make it even easier we’re going to show you how to search for groups on LinkedIn as many people have trouble looking for this feature.

So, to execute a LinkedIn groups search you have to go to Work (top-right corner) and search for Groups. There, you’ll find groups that you already belong to, as well as, an option to create your own LinkedIn group.

Okay, as now you know how to search for sales groups on LinkedIn, let’s do a little throwback to the pros and cons of LinkedIn sales groups.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is a plethora of sales groups on LinkedIn mainly due to an overload of salespeople that are using this platform. Yet, you shouldn’t go on a journey submitting to each of the sales groups.


Not every LinkedIn sales group is worthy of signing up.

Actually, most of the sales groups that you’ll find on LinkedIn are worth bypassing. There are a lot of groups containing mainly spam or shareable content that you can find anywhere else. That’s also why we’re making this article as you’d most likely waste a ton of time going through tens of sales groups just to end up joining two or three of them.

Okay, I think we’re done with LinkedIn sales groups.

Now, let’s talk about what’s going on at Facebook!

Why Facebook Sales Groups?

We’re leaving borders of the professional platform of LinkedIn to travel to a more common place – Facebook.

Again, you might have a few questions rumbling inside your head.

How do I search Facebook groups?
How to execute a Facebook groups search?

Stick with us are we’re going to answer all of the above questions. In addition, we’re going to hand you a facebook groups list so you don’t have to search for sales groups on your own.

So, how to execute a Facebook groups search?

Actually, it’s quite an easy thing to do.

First, go to your main Facebook dashboard and scroll down until you’ll the Explore bar on the left-side panel. From there click on Groups. At that time, you’ll see groups that you already belong to. You’ll also have an option to create a new group and browse your groups separated into Favorites and regular groups.

To browse new sales groups you have to switch tabs from Groups to Discover. Here, the sky is the limit. You’ll see suggestions of Facebook groups curated for you, as well as, groups which your friends are already members of.

Now you know how to execute a Facebook groups search. Yet, there’s another question. Why would you even search for sales groups on Facebook?

Well, while LinkedIn is quite self-explanatory, Facebook seems to be a place suitable for people willing to browse pictures of funny cats and memes. But that’s only a tip of an iceberg. If you go deep enough, you can explore a plethora of Facebook sales groups worthy of joining.

Actually, because Facebook has a more loose tone to it, you can have conversations with professionals that are more like friendly convos than typical sales talks.

What’s more, people are much more likely to share their expertise when they feel they’re in a friendly environment where everyone is focused on providing tips, insights, and best practices on sales.

All in all, don’t dump Facebook just because it doesn’t seem to be an appropriate place for looking for a sales group.

Now, before we jump to facebook groups list, we’re going to explain the 101 of both LinkedIn and Facebook sales groups so you don’t get kicked out as soon as you join!

LinkedIn & Facebook Sales Groups 101

Last step before we go into a full list of LinkedIn & Facebook Sales Groups.

Now, we recommend you check out these particular sales groups because of a few reasons. One of them is rules.

Sounds weird?

Right. Rules are essential when it comes to social sales groups. Without them, groups become flooded with spam, shareable content, inadequate posts, and job offers which no one wants to see.

First of all, as soon as you join a group, go through its guidelines and rules.
Get to know what’s allowed and what’s prohibited and carefully obey these rules.

Secondly, never share content that solely benefits you. If you want to share something that normally requires a person to opt-in, share a free version with the sales group. One, your content will stay there and you won’t be banned, plus, everyone will appreciate that fact and will give you praise.

Lastly, be nice. No one likes that one smart head who “knows everything” and boasts about what’s accomplished. Share the informative content you like, give useful tips, and say thank you when someone helps you.

Okay, we’re done here!

Now, let’s jump straight into the sales groups list!

Make It Happen – B2B Sales with John Barrows

Make It Happen Facebook Group

The “Make It Happen” Facebook group connects all of the features of a proper group.

It has free, valuable units which you can go through and improve your sales skills.
It contains audience-created content.
Plus, people share what they find as the most valuable – articles, videos, webinars, lectures.

There is no spam on the group. People are very engaged in what’s going on and every question gets answered.

Also, people actually engage with the content you share. If they like the article you linked to, they’ll leave a like. If they don’t, they’ll leave a proper comment.

Yet, everyone seems to understand the rules of John Barrows’ group and every conversation is led in a polite way.

What’s also important – posts on the group are divided into different topics thanks to tags. Such a solution makes it easy to find an article or conversation on the exact topic you are looking for. There is an adequate tag for cold calling, prospecting, events, tools and much, much more.

All in all, Make It Happen – B2B Sales with John Barrows group is the perfect place for every salesperson.

Sales Talk With Sales Pros

Sales Talk With Sales Pros Facebook group

What makes Sales Talk With Sales Pros group unique?
Strict rules.

It might sound a bit counterintuitive but there is one main advantage:
You won’t see there even a bit of spam.

If you want your article included or a link to your website you need to first go through moderators who are clearly mentioned in the rules. (HINT: Use RocketLink if you want to get the most out of the links you share)

The audience is genuinely engaging with every post, question, shared piece of content that gets put out on the group.

Posts are clustered in various topics thanks to tags. You can easily search for subjects such as sales, motivation, lead generation, mentoring, digital marketing and much, much more.

In general, thanks to clear rules which are actually respected amongst the users, the group is a valuable place for both newbies and experts in Sales.

Sales Professionals Group

Sales Professionals Group Facebook Groups

Sales Professionals Facebook Group bases on community questions and discussions.

You won’t find here much of shared content, like articles, videos, etc.
Yet, thanks to that you also won’t find here… spam!

The group is dedicated to salespeople seeking for advice and, as the rules state, meaningful information.

Most of the discussions are on the topics of car sales but it would be a huge mistake to say only such type of posts is out there.

This group is a perfect place for anyone who claims to be The Salesman.

If you need quick advice on sales-related topic or simply want to improve as a salesman, don’t look any further, choose the SPG.

Click Funnels (Official)

Click Funnels (Official) Facebook Group

Even though Click Funnels is a Facebook group created by the specific company not all of the discussions revolve around the topic of that particular software.

This group is much more than just a place to ask about Click Funnels.

You’ll find there, discussions on the topic of sales, sales books, generating customer and much, much more.

Yet, if you want to get better at using Click Funnels or simply want to resolve some problem in regards to it, this group will be a perfect solution for that.

Also, there are useful and free units that take on the topic of sales, click funnels, leadership, growth and much more.

Thanks to a big, engaged audience and clear rules this group is a valuable place for every salesperson no matter how skilled you are.

Sales Best Practices

Sales Best Practices LinkedIn Group is a go-to place for salespeople looking for a place to discuss and get advice on sales-related topics.

As the rules state, this group is focused on the discussions, thus you won’t find there many shared articles or videos.

Also, you won’t find there, ads or spam which is a crucial thing when it comes to both Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

If you have an I-can’t-wait-any-longer sales-related question (that’s a lot of hyphens) this should be your go-to place.

Inside Sales Experts

Inside Sales Experts LinkedIn Group is very much like the previously mentioned group, although this one allows users to post articles and videos.

Thus, you’ll find there both sales-related discussions and community-created content.

Yet, there are no ads or spammy posts. This type of content gets quickly erased to make the group clear and easy to browse through.

Also, users are allowed to post jobs offers in the dedicated tab.

Inside Sales Experts is a great place if you:

  • Want to find a job in sales
  • Want to hire someone on a sales-related position
  • Have great and useful content and want to share it
  • Have a must-answered question on a sales-related topic

No matter which one you choose, you should be satisfied.

Decide whether you want to share your knowledge or mostly make a use out of somebody else’s content.

Still, we went through most of the sales groups that you can find on both Facebook and LinkedIn and ended up listing the ones that seem to be the most worthy to spend your time on.

And remember, be polite, respect the rules and engage with the community!