What Is Cloud Telephony (+ 7 Profits of Getting It)

Cloud telephony gained importance in 2020. That was a year when we got used to having everything done by phone.

None of us have ever experienced a situation to handle (literally) everything by phone, but we got used to it smoothly. It was just safe and quick.

Language lessons, lectures, job interviews, conversations with friends, family, etc. – all were done over the phone.

Contact with customers has also evolved. By the way, they preferred to communicate with companies online earlier, the pandemic even intensified this practice. Your chances to meet your customer and present him with your offer in person are rather little.

Luckily enough, all these circumstances have pushed us to develop creative solutions, with one that should be highlighted definitely.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to cloud telephony.

In this article, I will explain what cloud telephony is and how the system works.

You will also learn about the 7 main profits of launching cloud telephony in your business.

Then, you’ll see the difference between this service and VoIP software.

After you know everything, you are free to choose the best possible provider of cloud telephony.

You’re not alone in this research – I will point out the necessary features a provider should have to meet your expectations. Then you’ll see the example of a product that covers everything.

OK, all set for the journey.

Table of contents:

  1. What is a cloud telephony
  2. How does cloud telephony work
  3. 7 main benefits of using cloud telephony
  4. Cloud telephony vs. VoIP software
  5. Cloud telephony providers
  6. Cloud telephony is a sign of the times

What is a cloud telephony

Cloud telephony might seem easy to decipher. This is a phone system stored in a cloud.

Anyway, it would be better to break it down.

Cloud is a server available from everywhere through the internet connection. It’s simple – every time you are online, you can benefit from the cloud.

All important data is stored there, you can access it by a mobile app and/or a web browser. The software is updated regularly, so you don’t need to do anything to keep it functional.

If I were a poet, I would say that this is a kind of personal cloud that floats over your head all the time.

How about telephony?

This definition is not a trap – you’re right, this is a system of managing both inbound and outbound phone calls with your customers.

Together, you get cloud telephony. This is a system that lets you make customer calls through a mobile app or a web browser. Your customer database is within your reach anytime you want.

How does cloud telephony work

Cloud telephony is a solution created to ease communication with your customers.

Let’s agree, the landline phone system considerably reduces the possibilities to run your business efficiently. This is why switching it to cloud telephony is pretty much like swapping an hourglass for a smartwatch to measure time.

You ask – how does it work?

The process works like mixing ingredients for a meal in a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Most importantly, all is prepared for you by a master chef.

First, you order a meal. I mean, you dial the phone number.

Next, it’s up to the waiter, in this case, your service provider, to handle the routing.

The real magic happens in the kitchen. Your voice signals are converted into data packets and transmitted through your internet connection.

Finally, you get a delicious effect. Your phone or computer is connected to your caller and you can start a productive call. Voila!

Of course, this process works the other way around, too. It means receiving calls is all the same.

To put it simply – both sides can benefit from cloud telephony. Speaking of which,…

7 main benefits of using cloud telephony

Having it all within your reach is just the beginning. Cloud telephony streamlines the general performance of your business.

Here we go with the successive benefits of this solution.

Customer service is much more comfortable

It’s undeniable that cloud telephony wins hands down against the traditional phone lines. The system grows along with your business. Here is why:

You can make and answer business calls both through your mobile phone and computer.

Better cloud telephony systems offer many other benefits, such as presenting customer details and call recordings.

All these features may be summarized with one word: comfort.

You have all the data stored and secured

If you have a magazine with your data stored in a paper format, remember that everything can be eaten by vermin or destroyed by an earthquake.

Of course, the chances for that are rather small. But they are.

Now, seriously. Isn’t it better to have everything safe and accessible from any place? With cloud telephony, you got it.

Cloud telephony providers give you the newest and most secure data protection systems. They care for your safety.

You are certain that only trusted people have access to mentioned sensitive data, such as customer details or phone recordings.

Moreover, as they are stored online, it’s extremely easy to browse them and you can find everything you want in a flash.

Your business is cost-efficient

With cloud telephony service, you don’t only save time, you also save money.

Once again, the landline phone system pales in comparison with its modern, highly developed relative.

The first one requires costly hardware, setup, and maintenance. With a cloud-based telephony system, you need an Internet connection. Nothing else.

Another difference covers the nature of an agreement.

Launching a landline phone system is associated with long-term, fixed deals. Cloud telephony is all about monthly, flexible payments. Each move is up to you.

Therefore, it’s much easier to make a spending plan. There are no additional, unexpected costs.

Your business gains mobility

Let’s say, you wait for a long-expected customer to call you, so you can finally clinch a crucial deal. With a landline phone system, you’re stuck in your office. 

You’d better have room and board provided. Waiting time is unpredictable.

With cloud-based telephony, you can safely leave your office and get things done from everywhere. 

Access to the list of your business contacts is constant, so you can e.g. have lunch and make a deal at the same time. 

You are reliable for your customers

One thing is certain – there are several types of customers. With cloud telephony, your chances to satisfy them all improve significantly.

They may differ from each other, but there is one common attitude. They hate poor customer service.

You’d better be available at their request. This is the foundation of a strong business relationship. Cloud telephony system gives you bricks to build it.

Solving a problem on Friday evening? Here you are. Clinching a deal on the road? There you go. Giving valuable business advice during walking your dog? Sure.

This is how your customers get to know that they can count on you. Cloud telephony gives you this possibility.

You can focus on important things

Comfort, flexibility, customer satisfaction, data security.

There is no need to waste your time on perfecting these matters – cloud telephony does it for you.

You can focus on important things. How about increasing your sales? You can commit to value-adding activities.

Product development, marketing strategies, big meetings, and so on.

Cloud telephony gives you a strong background so you can focus on what really matters.

You get an advantage over your competitors

The growing trust among your customers is linked inevitably with your position on the market. Cloud telephony delivers you with superiority.

Positive customer experience is a key to success. People talk about your brand, they search for products and services starting from your offer. You win against other brands.

According to recent studies, about 86% of customers would pay 25% more than they planned just to end the transaction not only with a good product but also with a memorable customer experience.

It’s worth the effort, isn’t it?

Cloud telephony vs. VoIP software

Let’s get it straight. Cloud telephony systems and business VoIP software are basically the same.

Many people use these terms interchangeably and it’s totally fine.

They are both systems allowing you to make calls over the Internet.

Comparing them to each other is like distinguishing the types of bees at first glance.

They are both black and yellow, there aren’t many differences in behavior between the two. One may be slightly bigger, that’s all.

But I’m not Sir David Attenborough, so let’s go back to cloud telephony and VoIP software.

Then, what differs one software from another?

The only difference is the fact that VoIP software is an application that may be wired into a fixed telephone.

So, to make it clear – you can easily use these terms as synonyms.

Cloud telephony providers

As you already know what cloud telephony has in store for you, now it’s time to characterize the key features of a relevant provider of this service.

The story told by me at the beginning shows that it’s crucial to be reachable under any circumstances. Especially now.

This is what cloud telephony providers should deliver. It’s comfortable to have it as a mobile app. Then, you can make and answer important calls anytime you want.

We all know that providing a good customer experience is essential for your business to grow. 

Customers need to be well-served, so they can return or even spread the good word about your product or services.  

What is certain, customers don’t like staying on the line for too long until they are connected with the right agent. 

Using the IVR system is a solution here. You record a welcoming message, your customer listens to it, then he or she chooses a number on a keypad and the call with a specific agent is started right away.

Now you ask me, is there any cloud telephony provider that has all these features?

Go crazy, maybe it also has something that makes it special against the competition?

Channels pops into my head immediately.

Channels is a data-driven phone system. It’s customer service oriented as it has many features to facilitate your contact with customers.

Not only the general ones mentioned above but also the exceptional ones. 

What are they?

First, it’s Customer Recognition. It lets you recognize your customer before a call – you see his or her name and shopping preferences. 

What a relief. There’s no need for long cross-examination, everything can be done quickly and qualitatively. That’s the feature that gives you a noticeable edge over your competition.

Second, you can have it not only as a mobile app but also as a web browser extension. This is the way to have satisfying calls with your customer no matter where you are, no matter what device you use.

Third, Channels is integrated with multiple other platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, and Zendesk

This is why switching your cloud telephony service to Channels is so smooth.

Of course, it seems a lot for just one cloud telephony provider. 

But this vastness of features forms a well-performing combination. You can judge it yourself.


Get Channels for free now.

Give a new breath of life to your customer service.

Right now, Channels offers you a 7-day free trial during which you’ll get full access to the software, a free phone number, and a few $$$ so you can fully test it out! No credit card is required.

What’s stopping you?


Cloud telephony is a sign of the times

That’s the answer to the question asked in the title. And you exactly know why – having all customer details in one mobile app lets your business thrive.

In this article, I explained the meaning, importance, and benefits of cloud telephony software. 

You also see Channels as a cloud telephony provider that has all the features to boost your customer service.

You were always told not to walk with your head in the clouds, am I right? 

Things have changed. It’s not daydreaming anymore. This is real.

With cloud telephony software, you are free to do it all the time.