What is the VoIP Phone System (+ 4 Benefits For Your Business)

Maybe in the upcoming future, you will mow the lawn without using a lawnmower. You will blend the fruit with no blender. Maybe you will even watch a movie with no watch on your wrist. OK, maybe the last example isn’t so good.

I’m trying to say that seemingly necessary things to do particular activities won’t be a must-have anymore. The VoIP phone system is a tangible example of that. It’s because you can make a phone call with no phone in your hand. Internet connection is all you need.

OK, but it’s just a hypothesis for now. In this article, I will guide you through the details of this solution to understand how revolutionary it might be for your business.

Here I present the order of information you’ll find out about VoIP.

First, I will explain the definition of this system in a more detailed way. This is how you’ll understand what we’re talking about. You’ll get to know what exactly happens inside the system. 

In the next paragraph, I will give you instructions on ways to set up VoIP in your business quickly and successfully. The process isn’t complicated, but it’s always great to follow all the steps and enjoy the solution from all angles.

Of course, we cannot miss the complete list of benefits coming from the usage of VoIP. It waits for you in the very next part of the article.

As a part of that, I’ll give you a well-checked provider of a VoIP phone system. It’s just one of many features that compose this unique solution.

All this information will be summarized in the very last part of this post. So, don’t worry, if you miss something, you’ll have a benchmark in the end. 

All right, the subject got me talking. Or writing, to be more specific. Let’s keep it rolling and go with the first paragraph. Come on!

Table of contents:

    1. What is the VoIP phone system and how does it work
    2. How to set up the VoIP phone system
    3. Benefits of the VoIP phone system
    4. The VoIP phone system sheds new light on making phone calls

What is the VoIP phone system and how does it work

To understand the essence of a VoIP phone system even better, it’s good to overlay it with a traditional phone line. 

So, let’s start with the classic solution. It’s the analog phone line – a network of wires that needs to be installed correctly, so you can make both inbound and outbound calls.

The size of the network doesn’t matter in this case – you use hardware equipment. For the internal communication between your workmates, you need to have PBX (public branch exchange). 

When it comes to the communication between you and your customers, it’s necessary to have PSTN (public switched telephone network). Both mentioned tools allow you to connect with a local telephone company.

Wow, as you can see, even giving some general information about analog phone lines requires some effort. Not to mention the manual action – the installation, finding the right connection between wires, etc. 

Let’s move to a much more convenient way of making phone calls, the protagonist of this post. It’s a VoIP phone system.

When we decipher the abbreviation VoIP, we’ll get a big hint on the way the system works. It’s Voice over Internet Protocol. 

It means that it transforms voice into digital signals, so it can be transmitted over the Internet. 

As we already know that IP stands for internet protocol, it’s easy to guess that this is the way to transfer audio files into digital data packets. 

They are also transmitted through internet protocol, with the help of infrastructure created to manage phone calls. It can be both LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network).

Or to put it simply, you sit in front of your computer and make a phone call. You connect with your caller without picking up the phone at all.

I must say, Alexander Graham Bell would be proud of mankind.

How to set up the VoIP phone system

OK, now as you know exactly what the VoIP phone system is, it’s time to clarify what you need to do to make it work in your business.

Nothing will move forward without good equipment. As I mentioned before, you need to have PBX – a telephone system that allows you to make calls via local or wide data networks.

There are two types of this solution – on-premise and cloud-based. With the on-premise one, it’s a type that requires hardware that is installed within your office.

To put it simpler, it’s many wires, outlets, and devices. This system needs to be set precisely, so everything works as it should. All is set in your office, so you may feel like being tied to your desk.

Cloud telephony can be considered a more comfortable one. It’s because everything is set up over the Web.

It’s the provider who delivers the service and manages it online. Therefore, you can make a call from wherever you want. Later I’ll give a specific example of that.

OK, you have the system launched. How do you communicate?

You can use a VoIP phone system through regular, physical phone devices. They are called simply VoIP phones or IP phones.

With the cloud-based system, it can also work with your mobile phone. Just install an app that covers it all and you can make an important business call from everywhere. 

But, do you remember the statement from the beginning of this article? That you can make a phone call without an actual phone?

It’s true – all you need is a device that connects with the Internet. So, a computer, a tablet, anything. One click, one touch, and you have the call.

Quite comfortable, isn’t it? Your workmates can choose which device fits them the best and provide a dream, proactive customer service.

Benefits of the VoIP phone system

Satisfaction and high comfort of work in your business is just the beginning of the list of benefits coming from using the VoIP system. Let’s go with them one by one.

Installation is easy

It may work as a summary of the previous paragraph. The conclusion is straightforward – you can create a perfect system of communication with no physical effort.

No wires, no outlets, no need of plugging. You simply avoid the creation of a confusing labyrinth inside your office.

You also waste no time – the whole process of installation doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Feel free to start your first call straight after this short period.

When you have a landline phone system, it can be only more and more complicated. With the VoIP one, especially the cloud-based solution, everything is fixed behind your back and you don’t need to worry about the productivity of a system.

I mean, a provider takes all responsibility for that. It’s beneficial especially for startups and small businesses as founders don’t waste time on any technical issues. 

They can focus on growth and marketing, while trusted partners care about the network performance.

OK, there’s one thing you need to provide – the proper speed of Internet connection. Everything is for your good. The quicker the Internet is, the better your VoIP system works.

Money stays in your pocket

That’s an unquestionable reason why a VoIP phone system is an optimal solution for any business. Especially when you just start, you need to spend money reasonably.

So why you should worry about the additional costs of installment and maintenance of an internal landline phone system? Forget about it!

The VoIP phone system bills don’t stand out from the agreements of phone service or Internet connection. As they are profitable, you won’t even spot the difference in your monthly expense.

I recommend finding a perfect plan for you in a cloud-based VoIP service provider. Usually, they offer flexible solutions.

It’s a double-win situation as you don’t need to care about the phone system. You pay a low, agreed fee on the services you exactly need.

So, when you combine all your needs and find the offer that covers it all for an acceptable price, you’re halfway to success. 

And once again, you can focus on growth and marketing. It’s not only because you reach peace of mind, but, even more importantly, you have some funds saved for that.

It’s flexible and scalable

Flexibility is one of the most demanded features in the current situation. Many businesses got used to working in a home office.

In this case, it’s beneficial to have access to the phone system from everywhere. As you already know, with the VoIP phone system Internet connection is everything you need.

You can make your business grow and function well without drawing attention to localization.

When your business keeps developing and there are more and more calls to handle, it’s great to have a system that adapts to that without any delay.

VoIP is exactly that – it grows simultaneously with your plans. More workload, more contacts, more calls to make? It’s easy and you don’t need any technical hardware to achieve that.

You can call flexibility and scalability the foundations on which you build your business. The VoIP phone system provides both.

You can enjoy multiple features

Some features usually go hand in hand with VoIP. Let’s count them one by one and find the solution that has them all.

It’s great to have all calls recorded, so you can listen to them again and always know where you currently are in your customer relationships.

Interactive voice response (IVR) is another feature that works well with the VoIP phone system. It’s because it helps in providing reliable customer service.

You have some effective opening lines recorded, so you don’t need call center agents at this part. The system connects your customers automatically with the department they aim for. That’s a well-checked method to build a professional reputation.

It’s also great to have a variety of phone numbers, so you can satisfy every customer. Toll-free phone numbers, international ones, virtual ones, the choice should be almost infinite.

As we speak about all these features, I think I have a provider that has them all + several others. It’s Channels, the first data-driven business phone system.

Our crucial feature is Web Call. It’s the addition of the button on your company’s website, so your customers can click on it and start the call immediately.

Isn’t it the main idea of this post – starting a call with no use of a phone? Yes, it is. Channels covers it perfectly.

Another extra feature is the display of customer details before a call. Channels understands that the whole process should be dynamic and efficient.

This is why we introduced this solution. The call center agent can see the customer’s name, address, purchase history, etc. Your employee will know everything he needs to give personalized customer service immediately.

Mobile App, Two-way SMS communication, integration with the best e-commerce platforms are other eye-catching features on the Channels list.

You can join Channels now!

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Try the unique VoIP phone system along with the variety of features.

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What’s stopping you?


The VoIP phone system sheds new light on making phone calls

That’s right – it turned out that the opening phrase about making phone calls without a phone is just a spark.

The VoIP phone system has a wide range of benefits and it’s always great to experience them all.

We focused mainly on the everyday comfort of introducing such a solution in your company. But, I forgot to mention that it’s a concern for your health.

You won’t trip over any wire ever again. Everything is in the cloud, so you can organize Olympic Games in your office.

By the way, you’ll have experience in organizing things according to your will. Personalized and flexible offers are what VoIP phone service providers are all about.

You’ve just finished the detailed guide to the VoIP phone system. You know what it is, how to set it up, and what are all the benefits coming from it.

So, don’t wait any longer and help your business, or actually, help yourself. This is the phone system that will do the job perfectly.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to catch me up!