Channels for call centers

Lightweight call center software for those who put quality first

Make quick one-click calls right from your browser. No complex systems, massive dialers, or confusing interfaces.

Lightweight call center software for those who put quality first

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What makes Channels stand out from the crowd

Make one-click calls right from your browser

Forget about clunky auto dialers. In Channels, our Chrome extension will be all you need to make one-click calls without logging into any other software. Handle data-enriched calls without drifting between various tabs and windows.

Channels applications

Superpower your calls with customer data

While making calls through our Chrome extension, you’ll have access to Customer Card. It’s where Channels presents all client details that you store in an easy-to-skim form. Win clients with personalization even without doing any research.

Handle calls wherever you are with Channels

Fit Channels into your current workflow

Choose from various integrations that will make Channels an integral part of your software stack. Don’t change the way you work, let Channels fit right into it.

Integrate Channels Virtual PBX with tools you’re using

Manage everything and everyone with ease

With all contacts, call details, and call recordings neatly stored in the web app, you’ll have control over all efforts in your company. Monitor, analyze, improve - all from one spot.

Channels applications

Train your agents and keep calls stored forever

With call recordings stored for as long as you want, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. First, you’ll gain the best tool to train your new hires. Second, you’ll be able to go back to any call you want in case you need to.

Record and store your phone calls with Channels

Call centers change for the better when they operate with Channels

In my opinion, it’s the best choice for the no-power-dialer call center. We focus on personalized calls and prefer to look for results rather than the volume and Channels helped us increase them by miles. Agents find it actually easy to make calls and using your Chrome extension we were able to close way more customers than ever before.

Blazej Szperlinski


Turn your call center into a profit center with one smart software choice