30 Best Magento Extensions to Run Your Store in 2022

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Running a Magento Store is a quite challenging task. With more and more people getting into eCommerce and setting up their online stores, the industry got pretty dense. In fact, there are more than 250 000 businesses powered by Magento that equal $155 billion in transactions each year!

It’s not a surprise that business owners are looking for various ways to stand out from such a crowd. And one way to do so is by implementing Magento extensions which are basically additional pieces of software that allow you to add extended functionalities and integrate 3rd party tools with your online store.

Magento extensions are created by various software companies that want to make it easy for you to integrate their software with your Magento store. And you’ll find more than 5000 of Magento extensions in the Magento marketplace.

We wouldn’t make you browse through the whole 5000, would we?
Of course not!

Instead, we’ve picked the 30 best Magento extensions from 7 different purpose categories and we’ve listed them including their price, rating, and key features.

Let’s move one and see which of these Magento extensions can help you to improve your store.

Table of contents:

  1. Best Magento extensions for Accounting & Finance
  2. Best Magento extensions for Sales & Marketing
  3. Best Magento extensions for Payments & Security
  4. Best Magento extensions for Reporting & Analytics
  5. Best Magento extensions for Customer Service
  6. Best Magento extensions for Shipping & Fulfillment
  7. Best Magento extensions for Store Optimization

Best Magento extensions for Accounting & Finance

Quickbooks Online Integration

Price: From $319.00
Rating: 5/5 (5 reviews)

Keeping track of all transactions, customers, orders, and invoices is an undoubtedly important task and yet, it is one of the hardest and most mundane tasks one can execute. But there’s no task that can’t be resolved with a proper tool!

And Quickbooks Online is a perfect example of a tool that will help you with accounting, billing, and payments all in one place. Thanks to automatic synchronization between your Magento store and Quickbooks account, you won’t lose any important pieces of information such as past orders, the current state of products, or invoices.

Also, if you prefer to use a desktop version of a program, Quickbooks has one and you can find it here.

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

Price: From $17/month
Rating: 5/5 (1 review)

Managing taxes is another great example of a task that a business owner can’t forget about and yet everyone would happily do so 😉But, for all of us who don’t have a business registered in Malta, it remains clear that filling and submitting returns on time is a crucial thing to do.

Thus, TaxJar’s Sales Tax Automation puts the whole process of tax returns on autopilot. How?
Well, it automatically submits your returns accordingly to where you’re registered so you don’t ever miss a due date. This way you save a ton of time compared to doing it all by yourself, plus with sales tax rates and calculations that TaxJar includes, you will avoid putting wrong information into your returns.

Best Magento extensions for Sales & Marketing

POWr Social Feed

Price: From $0/month
Rating: No reviews

Social media has become more of an integral part of eCommerce throughout the last few years and we see many online store owners using social media as a primary source of customers. So, it might be useful to leverage social media and make it even more of a part of our online store.

One way to do so is by implementing a POWr Social Feed and displaying our social media content directly on our website. This will help you boost in-store conversion thanks to compelling software and UGC that visitors can see and will help you get more followers to grow your brand’s social media presence.

Using POWr Social Feed you can connect all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And you can display all types of content including images, videos, or text, all in one gallery.

Yotpo Reviews

Price: From Free
Rating: 3/5 (8 reviews)

We all know that the best type of marketing is when your customers become your evangelists. And what is a better way to do it than by collecting customer reviews that prove that what you say is also what you do?!

Yotpo Reviews makes it super easy to collect customer reviews including standard text reviews, photo reviews, ratings, and QAs from your customers. All of this will help you increase in-store conversions by displaying customer reviews where it’s due and will help you generate valid traffic by turning the reviews into your own marketing machine.

Blog Pro

Price: $349
Rating: No reviews

Blog Pro is a perfect way to kick off your content marketing efforts and bring high-intent traffic to your online store. That’s because Blog Pro lets you create a customizable blog that matches your brand’s look and makes it extremely easy to publish blog post after blog post.

Besides that, Blog Pro helps you optimize each of your blog posts in regards to SEO to help you rank high in Google search results. With it, you should successfully kickstart your new acquisition channel and get more visible all over the web.

Poptin Smart Popups

Price: From Free
Rating: 5/5 (3 reviews)

Popups are a great way to grow your email list and have more potential customers that you can send emails, offers, and deals to. But, your popups have to display correctly, be nicely designed and appear at the right place and at the right time in order to have a chance to convert. That’s why you should use software that satisfies all of the above criteria.

One of such is Poptin Smart Popups. It allows you to insert popups that are customizable in regards to when and how they should be displayed. With it, you can static-time your popups or let your users’ behavior dictate when a popup should be visible. This way, you can close undecided customers and reduce the number of abandoned carts.


Price: From Free
Rating: No reviews

Klaviyo is your way to own several marketing channels such as email, SMS, and web notifications. The main advantage of Klaviyo and probably the reason why it’s so widely used is its automation and ability to trigger email and SMS sequences based on users’ behavior. This way, you can always send the right message at the most appropriate time.

The other superpower of Klaviyo is integration. Besides connecting it with your Magento store, you can also connect it with more than 100 different apps, including Facebook, ShipStation, Swell.io, or earlier mentioned Yotpo. Klaviyo also lets you build forms to collect email addresses and phone numbers for later use and, what is really powerful, segment your customers based on events, various metrics, location, or date which should help you with later personalization that is crucial these days as we all know.


Price: From $119/month
Rating: No reviews

Without analyzing the traffic that’s coming in and out of your online store, there’s really no way for you to improve the way your visitors convert. And that’s why there is a tool such as Metrilo.

Metrilo is a growth platform focused on monitoring all of the essential KPIs and the overall performance of your store, single products, and marketing efforts. With it, you can analyze how well your store performs and decide whether you need to implement any changes to improve your sales.

With reports and revenue breakdowns that Metrillo offers, you’ll find it easy to get through everything that’s happening in your store and you’ll finally get to know both of your strong and weak points. Also, thanks to monitoring the whole customer journey, you’ll be able to send more accurate offers and messages to increases sales in your current customer base.


Price: From €1,000/month
Rating: 5/5 (6 reviews)

Nosto is a perfect tool for online stores that are looking for serious growth. That’s because what Nosto does is analyze hundreds if not thousands of data points across your store in real-time and, upon that, it creates a complete breakdown of how your customers interact with your website, products, and special offers.

The benefits of Nosto are truly endless when it comes to sales and marketing. With the data it gathers, you can perform onsite product recommendations (that will actually suit your audience), segment your leads and customers, and personalize your content up to your customers’ needs.

Keep in mind that this tool has a high price tag on it. Yet, looking at its capabilities and the good reviews it gets, it might be worth trying it out if you’re ready to do so.

LoyaltyLion Loyalty Program

Price: From $159/month
Rating: No reviews

Offering loyalty programs is not a new marketing & sales strategy and yet, many online and local stores use them even more eagerly now than ever before. Why is that? Because they simply work! By offering your customers and an easy way to get rewarded for using your product or service, you make it much more likely that they will come back. So, how to implement loyalty programs into your Magento store?

I’d suggest you give LoyaltyLion a try. It lets you reward your customers based on an endless amount of interactions and lets you offer different rewards such as percentage discounts or free shipping. Also, LoyaltyLion is a great way to collect reviews as an incentive for taking part in loyalty programs. This way you gain loyal customers and create a viable way to attract new ones.

Looking for a Magento-friendly customer service app?

Channels is a customer service app built with eCommerce in mind. Especially Magento.

That’s because you can integrate Channels with Magento and use the customer data stored in your system to provide top-quality customer service.

Besides that, you get a full package of IVR, international phone numbers, and call recordings to provide the customer service your customers deserve.

And you can try out Channels with 0 commitment thanks to the 7-day free trial.
No credit card required, no limitations, a free phone number to start with.


Best Magento extensions for Payments & Security

Smart One Step Checkout

Price: $299
Rating: 5/5 (4 reviews)

The checkout page is the now-or-never place for both customers and business owners. That’s because it is the final step between filling in the order details and finalizing the deal. And that’s exactly where most of the purchases fall apart and become nothing else than another abandoned cart. To cope with that, try a tool such as Smart One Step Checkout.

Smart One Step Checkout allows store owners to create checkout pages in a way that suits their customers’ preferences. It allows you to organize and optimize various fields so your customers can finalize the whole process with minimal friction. And, Smart One Step Checkout provides you with actionable reports on abandoned carts and customer behavior which will both help you optimize your checkout process.

Stripe Payment & Subscriptions

Price: $149
Rating: 4.6/5 (7 reviews)

Stripe is a well-known payment solution that allows merchants to collect payments in different currencies and through different payment methods and credit card providers. And that’s only one reason why it’s worth using it for your Magento online store.

The other reason is security. Stripe helps you to comply with all the newest laws and regulations regarding online payments and transactions. Therefore, you make the whole process safer for yourself and your customers.

Lastly, we all know how popular subscriptions are nowadays. Many businesses lean towards monthly recurring payments and decide to offer their services on a subscription basis. Thus, Stripe makes it easy for your customers to insert their credit card details and renew their subscription each month. Easier for your customers, easier for you!

Fraud Prevention

Price: $149
Rating: No reviews

Scammers abusing payment systems is nothing new. Especially for an online business that offers anything that a scammer might want to get for free. Here, the only way to prevent the abuse from happening is to set up a scammer-proof system that will filter out any unwanted transactions and user interactions.

Fraud Prevention is a great software that does just that. Using it, you can create your own, custom blacklisting rules that will exclude users accordingly to certain hard-set factors. Additionally, Fraud Prevention can automatically block unwanted interactions based on the fraud records of specific users.

Save your store from being scammed and abused with a proper fraud prevention tool.

Best Magento extensions for Reporting & Analytics

Advanced Reports

Price: $499
Rating: 5/5 (2 reviews)

Getting the right data at the right time is key to improving your online store performance. Without it, you really don’t know what’s going on and you can’t even measure it. Of course, you can build your own custom solutions but they often require more labor and turn out to be more costly. So, for that other group, I present you, Advanced Reports.

Advanced Reports is an analytical tool that provides you with a bundle of reports on:

  • Traffic and Conversions
  • Product Performance
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Customer Sales
  • Detailed Sales
  • and more…

By implementing it on your Magento store, you’ll finally get a grasp of how your store is doing and – most importantly – where are the weakest spots so you can eliminate those and double down on what really brings you profits.

Google Tag Manager Pro

Price: $135
Rating: No reviews

Google Tag Manager Pro is an extension to what most online businesses use and that is Google Tag Manager. Yet, the Pro version is what truly makes this tool shines. By installing it on your website, you can measure, well… anything, to be honest!

That’s because it allows you to integrate advanced eCommerce tracking, think Adwords marketing, Facebook Pixel. Also, it captures all interactions and impressions on a per-product basis and measures the whole checkout process regarding aspects such as chosen currency, delivery method, and payment method to help you make the most detail-oriented decisions.

Phone system made to work with Magento

Channels is a customer service app that integrates with Magento. Thanks to such a connection, you can use customer data stored in Magento to handle customer support phone calls like a pro. How?

Whenever the customer calls you, Channels present all of their crucial data like their full name, company, past touchpoints, and latest purchases in the form of a Customer Card. This way, you’ll be able to identify the caller and their issue even before the start of the conversation!

Want to try it out?
We offer a 7-day free trial that requires no credit card and during which you can test our software with no limitations.

Start today and see how Channels can power up your Magento store customer service.


Best Magento extensions for Customer Service

Advanced Store FAQs

Price: $69
Rating: No reviews

As an online store owner, you’ll have to deal with a lot of customers coming back after the purchase. This might be due to faulty products, shipping delays, or just simple questions about the offer. Whatever the issue is, you have to have a way for your customers to get in touch with you. But instead of going solely for reactive solutions, you should also implement a way for your customers to solve the problems on their own.

One way to do so is by implementing a knowledgebase or, a simpler FAQ. And to do that, you can use a tool such as Advanced Store FAQs. Using it you can create dedicated FAQ pages, create FAQ blocks and FAQ topics, all to better organize the proactive resource for your customers. By implementing such detailed and well-placed FAQs, your customers will be able to find an answer on their own and, presumably, resolve the issue without even contacting your support center.


Price: From $24/month
Rating: New

Channels is a perfect tool to power up your customer service. How? What Channels does is it gathers customer data from your Magento store and presents it right when your customers are calling. Thus, right when one of your customer service reps answers the call, they know who is calling, what are his or her details that include the latest orders that person made.

This way, instead of asking endless questions, you can get straight to the point of the conversation. Shorter conversations = happier customers 😃

Plus, Channels comes with a bunch of other features to improve your customer service. Namely, it gives you access to:

  • IVR
  • International Phone Numbers
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Various Integrations
  • Call recording
  • Live-listening
  • and more…

Besides features themselves, Channels brings in the always needed flexibility that many customer service software lack. That’s because it allows you to handle customer calls via a Click-to-Call widget which is a Chrome extension that you can use on any webpage you want and a Mobile app that you can download for both Android and iOS.

And, of course, all incoming calls are free, and even if you have to call your customers or business partners back, Channels offers the most affordable rates on the market so no call will be a strain for your budget.

If you’re not sure whether Channels will suit your business but you want to improve your customer service, you can make use of the 7-day free trial and use Channels with no limitations or upfront credit card details for 7 days free of charge!


Price: From $19/month
Rating: 4.8 (16 reviews)

LiveChat is a great tool for providing customer service through an on-site chat. What LiveChat does is simple and yet, very effective. By implementing LiveChat on your website, you’ll be able to answer customer queries right when they need it and you’ll be able to assist them in case they have any problems.

That’s also why LiveChat is as good of a customer service solution as it is a sales solution. Leads who’re on the verge of buying but still have some objections may reach out to you if you have a live chat on your website. It’s an easy way to contact a brand without little-to-no commitment on the customer side which makes it a perfect solution for your customers and your business.

Plus, the previously mentioned solution, Channels integrates with LiveChat. By combining both of them, you can offer phone support and live chat support and even send Callback requests while chatting with your customers when you’d like to take the conversation over the phone!

Best Magento extensions for Shipping & Fulfillment

Pre Order

Price: $189
Rating: No reviews

Running out of stock when the demand is high is the online store owner’s worst nightmare. Yet, it might happen and when it happens you need tools to cope with it. One of such tools is Pre Order. Using it, you can set certain items that are currently out of stock to the pre-order mode and let your customers buy them in advance. This way, you make sure that customers won’t go away just because they didn’t find what they were looking for.

Besides that, pre-orders are a great way to measure the interest in the product. By showing your products before making them officially available you can check whether there are enough people who want to pay for it and make your decision based on that.


Price: From $29/month
Rating: 5/5 (3 reviews)

Shipping is an integral part of online stores’ work. That’s why instead of leaving it to the blind fate, it’d be neat to invest in software that will take care of your shipping rates and inventory management. And that’s exactly what ShipingEasy does.

ShippingEasy allows you to fulfill orders across various channels which means, you can send orders no matter if it’s an order from your Magento Store, brick-and-mortar or maybe your Amazon store. Plus, with ShippingEasy you’ll save on the most important thing when it comes to shipping and that is shipping rates. That’s because it lets you choose from dozens of different carriers with the current best shipping rates.

Best Magento extensions for Store Optimization

Algolia Instant Search

Price: From $29/month
Rating: 4.2/5 (5 reviews)

Being able to find a product of a customer’s interest is crucial in the buying process. If they find it hard to search through your store, then chances are they’ll quickly lose interest and close the tab. The best way to cope with that is by implementing a reliable search option in your store. One of which is Algolia Instant Search.

It allows your visitors to browse through your store with lightning speed making it easy and fast to find a product they were looking for. Besides speed, Algolia promises reliability in its searches and options to look for a certain product by its synonyms and relevance.

Product Scheduler

Price: $119
Rating: No reviews

Product Scheduler is a great tool for anyone who wants to get more ownership over how to display their products. That’s because it allows you to schedule when the product is visible which can be used to plan product openings for special occasions or promotional offers.

Also, the Product Schedule is a great way to automate what is usually done manually. Forget about mundane switching between enabling and disabling your products and set it to happen on autopilot.

Simicart Mobile App Builder

Price: Per-customer pricing
Rating: 4.7/5 (19 reviews)

More and more online transactions happen on mobile devices and that’s why online stores optimize their websites for mobiles. But can you go a step further? Of course, you can! And that is by setting up your store’s mobile app. By creating your store’s app, you give your customers an option to browse your store directly through their smartphones without the need of going to the web. This makes the browsing experience much more convenient.

SimiCart Mobile App Builder is a service that offers an app builder for you. Meaning that they make an app for you based on your needs and preferences and deliver it in the next 24 hours. The mobile app built by SimiCart is integrated with your store and can be configured by you in regards to design and features.

Make it easy for your mobile customers to make purchases at your store!

Social Login

Price: $249
Rating: 5/5 (1 review)

As an online store owner, you know how hard it is to get a customer to register at your store. Many are happy to buy but not so to get through the whole process of registering. Yet, by doing it, they make it easier for themselves to shop the next time which is a benefit for both sides, obviously. So how to make this process easier?

With Social Login, of course. By allowing your customers to log in using their favorite social media platforms, you make it a no-brainer for them to create an account. Plus, the whole process now takes seconds and not minutes. If you want to get more of the registered customers in your Magento store, go for Social Login.

Landing Pages

Price: $149
Rating: No reviews

Landing Pages is a powerful tool to convert visitors into customers by showing them the most appropriate offer based on what they are looking for. The way Landing Pages help you with that is simple.

Using it you can create, exactly, various landing pages based on various categories, products, or even search results and use it for visitor targeting so you present your store the way it 100% converts. Plus, Landing Pages helps you take care of your new URLs’ SEO in order to improve your search rankings and help you get new customers through organic search.

Page Speed

Price: $99
Rating: No reviews

While page speed might seem not to be too much of a big deal, it turns out it might be a gamechanger for an online store. How come? Well, the longer a visitor has to wait for a website to load the higher the chances are they’ll leave instead of waiting.

Surprisingly, some time ago, Amazon went on a quest to optimize their page speed and to find a correlation between how fast their website loads and how much would they lose if it slowed down. The results? Amazon’s calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales each year. These are some big numbers…

So, not to lose even a penny, make use of a tool such as Page Speed. It optimizes all contents and metadata of your website to make it load faster. From optimizing your images to reducing the number of HTTP requests, Page Speed will take care of how fast your online store loads.

Full Page Cache Warmer

Price: $199
Rating: No reviews

Full Page Cache Warmer focuses on one specific objective and that is to provide a better shopping experience to your customers. And it does that through ‘warming up’ your whole website’s cache. Meaning, there won’t be any lags and downtimes while loading any of your store’s web pages and your customers will be able to seamlessly jump from page to page.

Besides the core objective, Full Page Cache Warmer also provides you with actionable reports on your website’s cache and auto-updates cache with any changes you make which means everyone, no matter if a first-time visitor or not, will see the same version of your store’s website.

Custom Stock Status

Price: $199
Rating: 5/5 (1 review)

Custom Stock Status is your way to fully display your inventory the way you want. Using it, you can create 100% custom stock statuses to inform your visitors about the availability of your products, pre-orders, or days till the launch.

This way, you can customize the, rather boring Out Of Stock button, and display the message that will help you convert visitors into future customers even if you’re currently out of a particular product.

Instagram Feed Widget

Price: $149
Rating: No reviews

Instagram is presumably the most widely used social media platform across the eCommerce world. With great-quality photos, punchy colors, and catchy captions, you can successfully promote your products and generate new customers just through Instagram. But how to copy-paste these measures onto your store’s website?

The best way would be by implementing Instagram Feed Widget. It allows you to display content from Instagram directly on your page. And that doesn’t mean that you can show only your brand’s profile. No. You can customize it to show any of the chosen hashtags, public usernames, and locations to, for example, showcase user-generated content.

Try Channels – a customer service app that fits into your workflow

Customer service is a necessity, something that you *have* to take care of. Yet, that doesn’t mean it should also be a pain in the butt. To help you provide excellent customer service for your eCommerce store, we made sure that you can use Channels without changing your current software stack.

That’s why Channels integrates with Magento so these two tools can seamlessly work together.

By connecting Channels with Magento, you get a fully functioning support center that helps you have customer support phone calls that win long-lasting customers.

Ready to make a change?
Now, you can try out Channels with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required, a free phone number to start with, and a full package of features such as:

  • IVR
  • Mobile App
  • Free Inbound Calls
  • International Phone Numbers
  • Click-to-Call Widget
  • Live-listening
  • and more…

See you on the better side of customer service!


Time to install some of the best Magento extensions yourself!

Woah! 30 down, right?

Hopefully, with such a list you’ll find it easy to pick the best Magento extensions for your store and improve whatever your objective is. Yet, remember that there’s no good in overstacking apps and extensions. The key is to find the right need and satisfy it with smart software choices.

For example:
If you’re currently looking for serious growth, invest in Nosto.
If you want to finally understand how your store does, install Advanced Reports.
If your main objective is to provide excellent customer service and work on retention, go for Channels.

Till the next one!