44 Best Sales Podcasts You Should Listen to In 2022

Person browsing podcasts on his iPhone

Podcasts are a type of content that is perfect for 2022. We’re living in such a fast-paced environment that we strive to consume information in as low-friction way as possible. And podcasts are the answer.

The same goes for salespeople. Yes, you!

I know you strive to get better, beat the competition, and get to that next level in your career. One way to expand your knowledge is to listen to the best sales podcasts.

That’s because, as I mentioned earlier, they’re easy to consume, are packed with useful information, and, what’s probably most important, are hosted by the greatest of the industry.

Speaking from my own perspective I can tell you that one podcast episode can leave me thinking for about a week, trying to apply tips and advice included in the episode.

To help you become a better salesman, saleswoman, executive, representative, and manager I’ve listed 44 best sales podcasts hosted and recommended by actual sales pros. Each of these podcasts will help you get one (huge) step closer to where you see yourself in your career.

Besides the podcasts themselves, you’ll find a short description of each of the shows along with platforms where you can listen to them and the most important details such as an average duration, topics, guests, and best episodes.

Ready to level up your sales career?

1. The Amazing Seller Podcast

Scott Voelker

The Amazing Seller Podcast

Average Duration: 38 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, eCommerce
For: Small business owners, salespeople reps, entrepreneurs

The Amazing Seller Podcast is a perfect choice for anyone who’s interested in Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and strategies that one can try out for his own small business or side hustle.

Scott is straightforward and instead of selling you marketing BS, he shows real case studies and talks to industry experts who, on their own, built businesses that let them quit their jobs and live the life they want.

If you’re interested in new sales and marketing strategies for Amazon FBA, tips on how to build your brand, and techniques to grow your online business, tune into The Amazing Seller Podcast.

Remarkable guests: Ryan Lee, Jamie Masters, Greg Mercer
Recommended episode: 4 Pillars of Building a Successful Business DEEP DIVE

2. Accelerate!

Andy Paul

Accelerate! Podcast

Average Duration: 38 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Sales skills, leadership, personal development
For: Sales leaders, AEs, AMs, SDRs, CEOs, and entrepreneurs

Andy Paul is all about accelerating your sales performance. And the best way to describe why is to say that Accelerate! is one of the best interview podcasts out there.

With guests such as Grant Cardone, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Robert Cialdini you can’t expect anything else than great content inside.

‘Accelerate!’ is a perfect sales podcast for salespeople of any kind who are passionate about what they do.

With tips and techniques from the true masters of sales, ‘Accelerate!’ will surely help you accelerate your sales career!

Remarkable guests: Tim Sanders, Tiffani Bova, Grant Cardone
Recommended episode: How to Grow from Manager to Sales Leader. With Tim Sanders

3. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Average Duration: 18 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales prospecting, cold calling, sales forecasting
For: Sales professionals, managers, and sales leaders

Whenever you’re choosing a podcast you should take a look at the host(s) and ask yourself “Why?”

“Why would I take advice from these guys?”

If you ask why Bill and Bryan should be your next sales podcast hosts it’s because they’ve been in the sales industry for over 20 years! Further, for more than two decades they’ve committed their career to teach salespeople just like you, how to become a true sales pro.

The Advanced Selling Podcast is all about… advanced stuff! That means you’ll hear a lot about sales prospecting, B2B tactics, and sales forecasting – things that for most sound like a mystery.

Hire your new sales coaches for free by tuning into The Advanced Selling Podcast.

Remarkable guests: Brooke Bachesta, Bryan Gray, John Lefler
Recommended episode: Using Outreach to Maximize Your Results

4. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Bowery Capital

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Average Duration: 29 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: Sales processes, early-stage sales, sales teams
For: Business owners, managers, executives

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast focuses on helping early-stage businesses manage their sales.

If you’re an entrepreneur, especially a technical one, you know how hard it is to get every distribution channel right. First the product, then marketing, designers, webmasters, and eventually… the mysterious sales.

While it may seem futile to focus on sales early on, it might be one of the most beneficial things you do. And that’s why Bowery Capital’s podcast is one of the best sales podcasts out there.

Thanks to interviews with top-notch guests you’ll find it easy to set up a sales process within your company, hire the right people, and invest in your new sales department.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, execs – tune in!

Remarkable guests: Jordan Wan, Jill Rowley, Dharmesh Singh
Recommended episode: Early-Stage Enterprise Sales with Matt Cameron (SaaSy Sales Leadership)

5. Catalyst Sale Podcast

Mike Simmons

The Catalyst Sale Podcast

Average Duration: 31 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales strategy, sales enablement
For: Salespeople of all kinds

Mike Simmons wants every salesperson to master the B2B sales (including you!).

Yet, he doesn’t focus on basics and goes deep into various topics such as:

  • Revenue Operations
  • Sales Training
  • Onboarding
  • Sales Enablement
  • Organization Enablement
  • Workforce Development

What’s most important, you won’t hear out-of-the-blue stories on The Catalyst Sale Podcast. Mike focuses on real-life stories that are applicable to your own B2B sales process.

Thus, if you’re interested in any of the above, Mike’s weekly show should be your next go-to sales podcast.

Remarkable guests: Ted Bauer, Christie Walters, Rob Käll
Recommended episode: Business and Technology Convergence

6. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Average Duration: 38 minutes
Episodes frequency: Daily
Topics covered: Direct sales, sales trends, personal development
For: Small business owners, sales hustlers, entrepreneurs

When I say ‘Gary Vee’ what comes up to your mind?

Wine, motivation, yelling, a lot of swear words, and SALES.

At least that’s what I’m thinking of…

On a more serious note, Gary Vee’s Audio Experience is a true audio regale for salespeople of any kind. No matter if you own a business, work on a side hustle, are a sales manager, or even slack off at your boring job as an H&M’s sales rep, you’ll find this podcast interesting.

Also, because of who Gary is as a person (the personification of crystal meth) this is one of the best motivational podcasts. And as you all know, sometimes we lack the motivation to get off our comfy flats and start selling and hustling.

On top of that, Gary has had one of the best sales and business personas on his show. Great minds such as Michael Chernow or Ray Dalio will surely help you improve your business and accelerate your sales career.

“All the content produced by Gary Vaynerchuk is super motivating and inspiring. He definitely knows what to say to make everyone, I mean EVERYONE, feel motivated and start moving towards success. And anytime when I feel that I need some inspiration or encouragement, listening to his Audio Experience podcast does the trick!” – Oksana Chyketa, Marketer at Albacross.com

Remarkable guests: Michael Chernow, Ray Dalio, Larry King
Recommended episode: How Micro Failures Can Be Macro Wins

7. Get In The Door Podcast

Steve Kloyda

Get In The Door Podcast

Average Duration: 11 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Sales prospecting, sales tactics, direct sales
For: Field salespeople, outside sales managers

Making your prospects go from 0 to the closed sale is a process paved with many small steps. You can’t skip or forget about any of them as it may instantly get you out of the race.

Sometimes, it happens that, as a salesperson, you get it all right. Well… almost!

Because the last step – closing the sale – is where most sales pros struggle to, simply speaking, get it done!

Steve’s Get In The Door sales podcast is all about that last phase. He focuses on how to close a sale, how to get in the door (literally), and how to master the face-to-face meetings with your prospects.

Even more, as Steve goes one step backward and shows how to get that meeting with a prospect and, later on, how to finish that ready-to-be-closed deal.

If you want to master direct selling, account-based sales, and field sales this will be one of the best sales podcasts for you!

Recommended episode: One Idea That Will Increase Your Sales Opportunities

8. Same Side Selling Podcast

Ian Altman

Same Side Selling Podcast

Average Duration: 22 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales techniques, business growth
For: Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, VPs

Ian Altman is a big deal in the world of sales. Companies such as Johnson&Johnson, Sodexo, and SAP asked Ian to help them get their sales right.

Well, I don’t know how many $$$ Ian asks for when working with top-tier companies, but I’m sure that’s probably more than $100. Maybe $200? Or…

Okay, jokes aside.

Same Side Selling Podcast is a great opportunity for business owners, VPs, and sales managers to get advice from top-tier B2B selling expert for free! And not any expert, but the one who’s been in the sales world for more than two decades.

Yet, Ian doesn’t focus on himself. Thus, you will hear many brilliant minds such as Seth Godin or Chris Yoko on his show.

All of the above makes the Same Side Selling one of the best sales podcasts that are currently active and available across plenty of platforms.

Remarkable guests: Seth Godin, Liane Davey, and Michael Port
Recommended episode: Sell Like an Expert Not a Salesperson

9. Make It Happen Mondays

John Barrows

Make It Happen Mondays

Average Duration: 48 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales tips, sales closing
For: salespeople of all kinds

John Barrows is another top-tier B2B sales trainer that shares his thoughts and advice for free using his podcast.

If a term such as “top-tier sales trainer” is not enough to convince you, remember that Salesforce, DropBox, and Google are only a few companies that are or were John’s clients.

Plus, John records episodes with great sales minds. Some of them are Keenan or David Bloom who share first-hand sales advice to help you get your own sales process right.

All in all, that’s another high-value podcast brought to you by the top-tier salesperson.

Also, John is a true sales activist as the podcast is not the only way he shares his expertise through. He also manages his own Facebook Group that is worth checking out as well.

Remarkable guests: Patrick Campbell, Tom Lavery, David Bloom
Recommended episode: Scott Leese – Starting Your Career Later

10. Predictable Prospecting Podcast

Marylou Tyler

Predictable Prospecting Podcast

Average Duration: 37 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Sales prospecting, lead generation, sales processes
For: Sales leaders, managers, VPs

Sales forecasting for most is more or less as accurate as getting your revenue numbers by looking at the night sky.

But, Marylou says no to making this topic a mystery and strives to make prospecting and revenue forecasting something that you can plan and, what’s more, predict.

With the help of great guests such as Max Altschuler and Anthony Iannarino, Marylou debunks myths around prospecting, generating leads, and creating stable sources of new clients.

Get your sales to funnel right and enjoy the incoming stream of new customers with one of the best sales podcasts on the market!

Remarkable guests: Chick Herbert, Max Altschuler, Anthony Iannarino
Recommended episode: The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

11. Sales Gravy

Jeb Blount

Average Duration: 19 minutes
Episodes frequency: Every other week
Topics covered: Closing a sale, sales relationships, sales negotiation
For: Salespeople of all kinds

You may recognize Jeb as the author of People Buy You and Sales EQ books. Of course, that’s not all from Jeb’s sales equipment and the Sales Gravy podcast is just one more resource.

Jeb treats salespeople as athletes. This means he believes every sales professional must train regularly, improve his or her performance, and get better results over time.

That being said, Jeb doesn’t make you spend half of your day listening to his show. No.

Rather than that, Jeb produces short and medium-length pieces that act as actionable bullet points that you can instantly apply to your own efforts.

Jeb’s expertise combined with this format and the great tips he shares makes it a sales podcast worth checking out.

“Host Jeb Blount in his podcast the ‘Sales Gravy’ covers not just the expanse of sales negotiation, sales nurturing, and closing the sales leads effectively, but also enunciate about various positive, motivational, and inspirational messages that the sales professionals require to toil at their work. Some core subject matter sessions can run for almost an hour, yet there are other informative and short nuggets of related sales topics or advice that last only for five minutes. They can easily fit into even the busiest of schedules, making them all the more favorable to listen on the go.” – Siddhartha Gupta, Chief Executive Officer Mercer @ Mettl

Remarkable guests: Kody Bateman, Brynne Tillman, Don Erwin
Recommended episode: Why You Suck at Prospecting and What to Do About It

12. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness Podcast

Average Duration: 51 minutes
Episodes frequency: Three times a week
Topics covered: Personal development, leadership, building relationships
For: Sales leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers

The School of Greatness is the best place you can find to get better at… anything you’d like!

With top-notch (and I really mean it) guests from all kinds of industries, you can level up as a salesperson, business owner, and entrepreneur.

To give you a hint of who you can find on the episode of The School of Greatness – Koby Bryant and Sam Harris have been guests of Lewis Howes. Yet, they don’t talk about sports or psychology but about everything they’ve learned throughout their great careers.

If you’re looking for advice from the best out of the best check out Lewis’ show.

“The episodes range from the interviews with world-class game changers in different fields such as entrepreneurship, health, athletics, mindset, and relationships, to solo rounds with the host, Lewis Howes. If you want to get inspiring but at the same time useful and actionable tips in running a business, then this podcast will definitely fulfill your needs.” – Oksana Chyketa, Marketer at Albacross.com

Remarkable guests: Koby Bryant, Tony Robbins, Rebekah Neumann
Recommended episode: Find Your Poker Face

13. Sales Funnel Radio

Steve Larsen

Sales Funnel Radio

Average Duration: 27 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: Sales strategies, sales funnels, sales & marketing alignment
For: Sales managers, VPs, business owners

No business owner should spend his or her week without the episode of the Sales Funnel Radio.

That’s because Steve Larsen goes into detail on how to optimize sales and marketing funnels so your leads enter them smoothly and exit them even more seamlessly as your new customers.

On this sales podcast, you’ll learn everything from creating the best-sounding offer and applying the right models and methods for your business, all the way to making the whole machine run flowingly.

Thus if you’re a business owner or a VP of sales this is a sales podcast to be added to your subscriptions.

Recommended episode: Finding Your Business Idea

14. Sales Influence – Why People Buy!

Victor Antonio

Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

Average Duration: 13 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: The psychology of selling, sales mindset, closing sales, cold calling
For: Sales managers, sales reps, entrepreneurs

Through his podcast, Victor Antonio tries to answer the most important question every salesperson have asked at least once throughout their careers. Namely, “Why do people buy?”

Is it because of the quality?
Maybe brand is what most influences their decision?
Or is it just the price that matters?

Victor will not only tell you exactly why is it that people are interested or not in what you have to offer but will also set you on the right track when it comes to your mindset and methods you use to close a sale.

Oftentimes sales coaches talk about various techniques, methods, and tools but they forget about the most important component of a sales process – the customer’s mind.

Luckily, it’s not the case when it comes to The Sales Influence podcast. Here, you’ll get to know how to crack the code of customer behavior and what to do to turn complete strangers into long-lasting customers.

Remarkable guests: Steve Benson, Roy Raanani
Recommended episode: Being Customer Centric

15. Sales Pipeline Radio

Matt Heinz

Sales Pipeline Radio

Average Duration: 22 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales pipeline, sales management
For: Sales managers, business owners, VPs

Sales Pipeline Radio is all about B2B sales and great guests.

The host, Matt Heinz covers all the topics you may encounter on your road to B2B sales mastery. He covers such aspects as:

  • demand generation
  • lead management
  • sales effectiveness
  • sales technology

With such a full stack, you’ll manage to get the whole sales pipeline set up and moreover be able to create a seamless process to take your leads and make them your customers.

Also, thanks to the earlier mentioned guests, The Sales Pipeline Radio can easily fight for the label of the best sales podcasts. That’s because you’ll hear such experts as Matt Gorniak and Mike Weinberg on Matt’s show.

Remarkable guests: Liz Michaud, Matt Gorniak, Eric Spatzer
Recommended episode: The power of relationship selling: New research, insights, and opportunities for B2B organizations

16. Sales Secrets

Gabe Larsen

Sales Secrets

Average Duration: 14 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: Sales science, sales & marketing alignment, new technologies
For: Entrepreneurs, business owners, sales managers

The Sales Secrets Podcast provides another look at how sales look in the 21st century. Namely, Gabe focuses on what’s currently trending in sales and helps make it as accessible as possible for salespeople who used to rely on intuition and their own gut.

That’s because sales used to be a very unorganized industry and the best salespeople didn’t rely on software or various tools.

Nowadays things are much different and there’s no way you’ll be good at sales without a proper CRM set up to manage every lead coming in and out of your pipeline.

Thanks to the Sales Secrets podcast you’ll get to all of the current science and technology that stands behind sales and find it easy to master each of the above.

What’s more, Gabe along with his guests shares helpful advice on how to use technology and various tools to close more sales and improve your numbers.

Remarkable guests: Amiet Chevrier, Craig Parrish, Sean Higgins
Recommended episode: The Power of Engagement in Sales

17. Sales Success Stories

Scott Ingram

Sales Success Stories

Average Duration: 52 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B Sales, Enterprise Sales, SaaS Sales
For: Sales professionals, business owners, enterprise sales managers

Sales Success Stories is the best name Scott could give to his show. That’s because the main premise of this podcast is to decode how A-type salespeople work, behave, and plan.

By getting to know the habits of top-performers you’ll be able to take those features and apply them into your routine to get the same results.

Scott and his guests focus on big wins and tackling challenging problems. Thus, if you work in either of:

  • B2B Sales
  • Enterprise Sales
  • SaaS Sales

you’ll find this sales podcast helpful.

Thanks to Sales Success Stories you’ll get one step closer to creating your own success story!

Remarkable guests: Trong Nguyen, David Weiss, Reid Oliver
Recommended episode: Enterprise Sales Forum with Trong Nguyen on Negotiating and Managing $50-$100M Deals

18. The ONE Thing

Geoff Woods

The ONE Thing Podcast

Average Duration: 49 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Sales strategies, personal development, success
For: Sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs

Although The ONE Thing podcast is not specifically targeted to salespeople, you’ll surely find it interesting and helpful.

That’s because the host of the show, Geoff Woods, focuses on extracting the exact tactics that successful people used to get from 0 to where they are now.

Just as in sales, you need a clear plan to follow to hit that quota, close enough sales, and grow the revenue. Thus, getting to know the strategies that work is worth the 50 minutes you spend listening to The ONE Thing episode.

“The discussions in the podcast can relate to all industries and even your life. I really like it because it reminds me to focus not only on 1 thing but on the simplest one thing. It shows how getting into action on the smallest common denominator can lead to dramatic results. I think that other salespeople should listen because we tend to make sales harder than it is. Sales is about deliberate 1 conversation at a time. Do that consistently and over time and Bam! you have a pipeline.” – Jennifer Murtland, Team Leader @ Team Synergi

Remarkable guests: Keith Cunningham, John Israel, Craig Ballantyne
Recommended episode: How Billionaires Set Goals (Part 1)

19. Sales Tuners

Jim Brown

Sales Tuners

Average Duration: 25 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Leadership, sales career development, sales prospecting
For: Sales leaders, sales managers, business owners

Sales Tuners is no more, no less but one of the best interview podcasts out there, plus it’s solely focused on sales.

Thus, you’ll find top-notch salespeople such as Steli Efti or Keenan who share their tips on how to hustle to get more revenue and leads into the pipeline.

Also, Jim strives to provide valuable insights on how to be a better sales leader. That’s why sales leaders and managers are the people who are likely to benefit the most from listening to Sales Tuners.

Yet, thanks to plenty of episodes (over 150) every sales professional will find there something valuable and insightful for him or her.

Remarkable guests: Keenan, Steli Efti, Jim Brown
Recommended episode: Ammy Appleyard | The Difference Between Cooperating and Collaborating

20. Sell or Die

Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow

Sell or Die Podcast

Average Duration: 34 minutes
Episodes frequency: Daily
Topics covered: The science of sales, sales leadership, personal development
For: Sales leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners

One of the main features of The Sell or Die podcast is the hosts. Both Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow are top-notch salespeople that need no further introduction. I’m sure you’ve read Little Red Book of Selling or Sales In A New York Minute.

Yet, it would be false to judge the podcast only by who the hosts are. Luckily, the content lives up to the name of the show.

Great guests, interesting topics, and in-depth conversations will help you accelerate your sales career in a flash.

The best thing is that The Sell or Die podcast doesn’t focus on one aspect of sales but rather tries to interview guests from various sales fields. This way every ambitious salesperson, no matter if a business owner or a sales manager, will gain a lot.

Remarkable guests: Marina Mogilko, Diane DiResta, Alan Stein
Recommended episode: Lamborghini Ambitions With Heather Ballentine

21. Selling With Social

Mario Martinez Jr

Selling With Social

Average Duration: 51 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Social selling, sales prospecting, sales teams, digital selling, closing a sale
For: Sales Leaders, Sales Enablement Leaders, Sales Reps, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

If you’re a sales leader look no further as Mario’s podcast will be a perfect show for you.

That’s because in each of the episodes Mario interviews A+ sales leaders who share their stories and tactics that helped them accelerate their businesses, as well as, various other ventures that they helped improve.

Oftentimes, we’ve got a good plan, we know what to do, but we lack a framework that would help us get started and move things forward.

Luckily, Mario and his guests provide ready-to-use strategies that you can implement in your sales process right away. And if you aim for increasing sales (who isn’t, right?) you’ll find plenty of valuable episodes on the Selling with Social podcast.

Remarkable guests: Mat Singer, Byron Matthews, Tiffani Bova
Recommended episode: 3 Ways To Increase Cold Sales Prospecting Conversions, with Shawn Finder

22. The Art of Charm

AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak

The Art of Charm

Average Duration: 57 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Human relations, coaching, leadership
For: Sales managers, VPs, CEOs, sales reps

The Art of Charm is another one of these podcasts that don’t necessarily land into the sales podcasts category but just can’t be skipped on this list.

That’s because the hosts, AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak, are professional coaches who help people, no matter in which industry, accelerate their careers and improve their lives.

Plus, through the podcast, they can share their knowledge along with great guests that they interview during most of the episodes.

These guests vary from experts in sales, relationships, psychology, sports, and all the fields you can imagine. Thanks to such an approach everyone will find something for them and you have to remember that being the best sales pro isn’t all about being better at sales. It’s also about your mind, your health, and your habits. All of that impacts the outputs you produce as a salesperson.

Thus, book an hour or so every week for one of the episodes of The Art of Charm and see your skills grow over time!

Remarkable guests: Charles Duhigg, Aubrey Marcus, Scott Adams
Recommended episode: Master Your Mindset with David Goggins

23. Cold Email Outreach

Jeremy Chatelaine and Jack Reamer

Cold Email Outreach

Average Duration: 38 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, eCommerce
For: Small business owners, salespeople reps, entrepreneurs

Do you know what you’ll get when you combine two cold email experts?

A cow. No.
A boat. Wrong answer.
Cold Email Outreach podcast! That’s right, 10 points for the lady in the back.

If your company or you, as an independent sales pro, send cold emails you can’t miss this podcast. Jeremy and Jack share incredibly insightful tips on how to better structure your emails, how to send them for higher deliverability, and what to do after you send these emails.

With more than 100 episodes, you’ll surely find advice that will help you crack that one lead who never replies to your cold outreach.

“Cold Email Outreach is a weekly podcast that goes deep into cold email strategies and tactics. Cold email can be one of the most effective mediums for sales, but it is continuously evolving because of technology. There was very little up-to-date information that goes deep into the topic until Cold Email Outreach came along.

Its hosts are Jeremy Chatelaine, founder of QuickMail.io a cold email SaaS platform. And Jack Reamer, founder of EmailsThatSell.com a B2Blead generation firm. The two have great chemistry and bring complementary expertise from their backgrounds to make this podcast highly informative.

One of my favorite episode types is what they call a “cold email teardown.” The two hosts take a cold email they received and review it line by line, noting the compelling aspects and areas of improvement. I have found these episodes to be particularly actionable in helping to improve the cold emails of both my clients and me. The podcast is must-listen for sales representatives or organizations that use cold email or are considering to use it as part of their sales program.” – Christian Banach, Independent Outbound Sales Coach & Trainer

Remarkable guests: Cody Littlewood, Ashwin Ramasamy
Recommended episode: Cold Outreach Beyond Email

24. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Brian G. Burns

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Average Duration: 43 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales leadership, cold calling, spin selling, challenger selling, sales management
For: Sales managers, entrepreneurs, VPs, B2B salespeople

The Brutal Truth is quite brutal I must admit. That’s because Brian Burns gets straight to the point with “No BS Allowed” as he says.

And, thanks to this approach, you won’t find there fluff or just-to-fill-the-space episodes. Brian touches various sales topics such as:

  • SaaS
  • Sales leadership
  • Sales management
  • Social media

and many more.

If you don’t trust me (why? 😥) you should trust Brian’s undeniable expertise of more than 25 years spent on selling and helping others increase their numbers. Plus, you can’t go past a 4.9 rating with 929 reviews on Apple Podcasts…

Remarkable guests: Adam Jones, Alan Stein, Alice Heiman
Recommended episode: The #1 Way to Win The Complex Sale

25. The Quotable

Vanessa Haney, Kevin Micalizzi, Natalie Petouhoff, Philip Cleary

The Quotable Podcast

Average Duration: 28 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: B2B sales, sales processes, influence
For: Small business owners, salespeople reps, entrepreneurs

Quotable is one of the best sales podcasts tailored to B2B sales pros.

What Quotable offers is plenty of medium-length episodes with top-notch guests who share their strategies on how to be a better sales leader, how to close big accounts, and how to improve your B2B processes.

What’s more, Quotable is one of the best salesforce podcasts out there.

Thus, if you’re already subscribed to some other salesforce podcast give Quotable a try, and maybe, just maybe you’ll find your new favorite sales podcast.

Remarkable guests: Barbara Giamanco, Bobbi Brown, Travis Bryant
Recommended episode: Online or Offline, Speak with Influence, with Dr. Laura Sicola

26. Sales Babble

Pat Helmers

Sales Babble

Average Duration: 30 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Sales training, sales consulting, sales tactics
For: SMB owners, entrepreneurs, sales reps

I may say that some podcasts are one of a kind and while I might exaggerate a bit in some cases, here you’ll admit the same. That’s because Pat Helmers offers a unique approach by explaining sales secrets to non-sales people.

That means the podcast is not only for sales reps but also (or rather especially) for small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get their sales right.

You can think of Sales Babble as your free sales consulting and coaching session brought to you on a weekly basis.

Remarkable guests: Kevin Appleby, Lars Nilson, Brian Basilico
Recommended episode: Are Chat Bots Going to Take Your Sales Job with Dave Gerhardt

27. The Sales Engagement Podcast


The Sales Engagement Podcast

Average Duration: 25 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: B2B sales, career development, sales techniques, technology in sales
For: Small business owners, salespeople reps, entrepreneurs

As you’ve probably heard not once and not twice, sales are much different compared to what they used to be, 5, 10 or 20 years ago. And that’s why you as a sales pro or a business owner have to take a different approach to encourage leads to check out your offer.

The Sales Engagement Podcast is the best place if you’re looking for tactics on how to entice leads, prospects, and current customers to get into contact with your brand, product or service.

Each episode explains modern tactics, strategies, hacks, and tips to help you get the most out of the processes that you’ve already implemented into your pipeline.

In the modern area, there is no way you don’t double down on customer success and satisfaction as there are tens if not hundreds of alternatives that he or she can check out as soon as yours underperforms.

All in all, choose one of the 104 episodes and get to know how you can make your sales processes more customer-oriented.

Remarkable guests: Chris Orlob, Mark Kosoglow, Kris Rudeegraap
Recommended episode: How to Use Empathy to Break a Customer’s Armor

28. The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly

The Sales Evangelist Podcast

Average Duration: 29 minutes
Episodes frequency: 5 days a week
Topics covered: B2B sales, real-life sales stories, sales tools
For: B2B salespeople, sales managers, business owners

The Sales Evangelist is a sales podcast brought to you by a true sales hustler, Donald Kelly. Yet, Donald doesn’t hustle for his own benefit, but also for yours, using this show.

Donald Kelly is a B2B sales professional and thus the podcast is aimed towards this group of salespeople. Besides sharing his own knowledge, tips, and best practices, Donald interviews top-notch sales leaders who share their own insights on how to get your B2B sales right.

With many real-life stories and actionable implementations of various sales tools, you’ll quickly find that The Sales Evangelist helps you improve your own processes and increase the number of high-tier accounts closed.

Remarkable guests: Guy Kawasaki, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath
Recommended episode: You Can Love People Without Leading Them, But You Can’t Lead People Without Loving Them

29. The Hustle & Flowchart

Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

The Hustle & Flowchart

Average Duration: 68 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: Social selling, career development, business advancement
For: Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales pros

The Hustle & Flowchart focuses on producing long-form interview episodes with the most successful people from various industries.

You may think that an episode that lasts for more than 60 minutes is full of pauses, ads, and unnecessary fluff. Yet, what Matt and Joe strive to do is make every episode full of actionable takeaways that you can implement into your life and business right after you tune out of the show.

Also, besides bombarding guests with pre-scripted questions they make sure every guest shares their story so you can better understand his or her past position and what path he or she had to take to get to today’s spot.

“Hustle & Flowchart by Evergreen Profits is for the obsessive salesperson who wants an inside track on how the most successful people in sales and sales-related niches are doing extraordinary things at lightspeed. Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier are adept at diving in and extracting the juicy details from their guests leaving us, the listeners, with actionable takeaways that can be easily utilized for our own endeavors.” – Rio Rocket, Entrepreneur @ RioRocket.com

Remarkable guests: Wes Schaeffer, Travis Houston, Richard Lindner
Recommended episode: The 5-Step Process To Make Every Sale

30. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Sam Jacobs

The Sales Hacker

Average Duration: 25 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: Lead generation, sales development, sales enablement, sales hiring, b2b sales
For: Sales professionals of all kinds

Raise your hand ✋if you don’t know what saleshacker.com is.

As I thought… All hands down.

Every salesperson tunes into or at least knows the saleshacker.com as they produce great articles that help you get better in all kinds of sales. Yet, articles and webinars are not the only types of content they produce. You’ll also find The Sales Hacker Podcast where they interview A+ sales experts.

Also, folks at Sales Hacker made sure to cover all the topics a sales pro might be interested in. Their interviews cover:

  • lead generation
  • sales development
  • sales enablement
  • sales hiring
  • sales operations
  • social selling
  • sales management
  • account-based selling best practices

and much, much more.

If you enjoy reading Sales Hacker regular articles then you can automatically subscribe to their podcast as well!

Remarkable guests: Keenan, Dannie Herzberg, Annie Duke
Recommended episode: How to Deliver Feedback and Have Tough Conversations

31. Sales Leadership Podcast

Rob Jeppsen

Sales Leadership Podcast

Average Duration: 54 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Sales & marketing alignment, business growth, sales leadership
For: Business owners, sales managers, entrepreneurs

If you’re a sales business owner or an entrepreneur this is one of the best sales podcasts for you.

That’s because each episode of the Sales Leadership is the conversation between Rob Jeppsen and one of the best sales leaders out there.

On the podcast, both Rob and his guests try to deconstruct their way to creating a successful and scalable business with a focus on the sales process.

Thus, sales reps might not enjoy every episode of The Sales Leadership Podcast, but those who strive to increase the revenue will consume each episode with a smile on their faces.

Remarkable guests: Keenan, Woody Klemetson, Lacey Bell
Recommended episode: How to Win with a Problem-Centric Sales Process

32. The Sales Podcast

Wes Schaeffer

The Sales Podcast

Average Duration: 44 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: inbound sales, sales tactics, business development
For: sales managers, business owners, VPs

Well, if the name of this show doesn’t convince you then I can’t do much.

The Sales Podcast hosted by The Sales Whisperer himself consists of more than 300 (😮yes, you’ve read it correctly) unscripted episodes with the best sales minds out there.

Wes focuses on inbound sales and closing the sale, thus if your company relies on those you’ll surely enjoy an episode or two of The Sales Podcast.

Besides the above, Wes also talks about the sales and marketing alignment which, in these days, is a crucial matter. All of these things make The Sales Podcast a show worth checking out.

Remarkable guests: Jason Redman, Craig Ballantyne, Ian Altman
Recommended episode: The 7 Steps to Ethical Persuasion with Akbar Sheikh

33. The Salesman Podcast

Will Barron

The Salesman Podcast

Average Duration: 47 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: The psychology of sales, sales influence, sales techniques
For: Sales reps, sales managers, entrepreneurs

As Will himself claims, The Salesman Podcast is the world’s most downloaded B2B sales and selling podcast.👏I haven’t checked it, but with 600 episodes already uploaded I wouldn’t doubt such numbers.

But the number of downloads is not the only thing that characterizes The Salesman Podcast. It is quality.

Will strives to provide the best audio and video quality to his podcast. That’s why you’ll be always contented with what you hear and see.

On top of that, you can always expect great guests on the show and a true, unscripted and lively conversation between top-notch salespeople.

Taking all of that into account, there’s no argument against tuning into The Salesman Podcast.

Remarkable guests: Derek Daly, Brandon Bornancin, Jon Buchan
Recommended episode: The Sales Fundamentals (THAT WILL WORK FOREVER!) With Jeff Bajorek

34. The Ziglar Show

Kevin Miller

The Ziglar Show

Average Duration: 64 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: Habits, decision making, personal development
For: Salespeople of all kinds

Well, now I’m sure there’s no salesperson in the room (in front of the monitor) who doesn’t know who Zig is.

While the legendary speaker doesn’t host the show himself, Kevin Miller does his best to evoke the spirit of Ziglar himself. And he does that by focusing on topics Ziglar was most passionate about. That is:

  • personal development
  • personal growth
  • success habits

While none of the above might sound like a sales-related topic if you’ve read at least one of Zig’s books you know how these aspects are linked to sales and your own performance.

Even Zig’s quote gives out why these are the right topics to cover on a sales podcast:
“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Thus Kevin interviews leading personal development experts who will help you get the most out of your life, understand your own and other people’s habits, and, in the end, learn how to sell by giving others what they want.

That’s why this is one of the best sales podcasts that suits all the needs and every salesperson should tune into The Ziglar Show.

Remarkable guests: Rock Thomas, Rick Hanson, John Assaraf
Recommended episode: How self-aware are you?

35. The Exsellence Mindset

Ryan James Miller

The Exsellence Mindset

Average Duration: 44 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Process optimization, success development, maximizing potential
For: Entrepreneurs, ambitious salespeople

Ryan Miller’s The Exsellence Mindset Podcast is another show that doesn’t focus strictly on sales.

Rather than limiting to just one subject, Ryan and his guests talk about habits that drive success and try to decode successful people’s paths and how they got to where they are.

After all, you can improve only as far as your mindset allows you to. If you’re still not ready to make more money or handle big accounts who else is going to let you do so?

With a lot of great guests and plenty of aspects talked about, every salesperson and entrepreneur will find an episode tailored specifically to them!

“The podcast focuses on the inner game of sales which I think is a considerably under-acknowledged area of sales. Tactics are important but you need to develop a sales mindset which is what Ryan focuses on with his guests. The unpacking of the mental aspect of the sales game makes it invaluable for other salespeople to set them up for success. I love how the podcast dives into tangential areas of habit formation and self-awareness since we are no longer in an era of the ‘hard-sell’. With consumers having as much information as they do at their fingertips, it’s necessary to master the art of the ‘soft-sell’ and ‘relationship-based selling’ to achieve success and to hit quotas. If you want to turn yourself into a modern salesperson that can be successful in the digital age, you need to listen to Ryan’s podcast.” – Patrick Ward, Editor-In-Chief for High Speed Experts

Remarkable guests: Jay Campbell, Robert Clark, Eric Silverman
Recommended episode: Creating Demand for What You Do with Matt Johnson

36. In the Arena

Anthony Iannarino

In the Arena

Average Duration: 42 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: B2B sales, B2C sales, sales techniques
For: Sales managers, sales reps, sales consultants

Anthony Innarino is another well-known sales persona. And it’s another sales coach that doesn’t limit his service to paid classes and gets in front of the audience with his free podcast.

What’s great about In The Arena Podcast is the guests that Anthony manages to get on the show. Seth Godin and Max Altschuler are only two great names that will make anyone tune into the podcast.

Also, this sales podcast ties two crucial topics together. That is sales and the mindset.

While many shows do focus on one out of the two, Anthony focuses on the most current and powerful sales techniques and mindsets from the top professionals in the business.

All in all, if you want to improve both your mental skills along sales skills with a clear How-to, tune in to one of the best sales podcasts – In The Arena.

Remarkable guests: Seth Godin, Max Altschuler, Deb Calvert
Recommended episode: Intentional, Genuine, Human Connection & Prospect-Focused Sales with Alex Fisher

37. Channel Mastery

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

The Channel Mastery Podcast

Average Duration: 51 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Field sales, retail, outdoor sales
For: Business owners, outside salespeople

Channel Mastery is the sales podcast that tackles the less popular sales field. Namely, it’s a perfect place if you’re a business owner or a sales pro in the outdoor industry.

The host, Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, and her guests talk a lot about how to optimize your retail efforts and, as the name of the show suggests, how to master various channels.

That being said, it’s also a great place to learn how to utilize various ways to connect with your target audience using the most suitable channels. And because of how dynamic the retail industry is, it’s definitely worth it to stay on top of the current trends and strategies.

Remarkable guests: Mark Schaefer, Sarah Lockwood, Wes Allen
Recommended episode: Tribalism and Omnichannel Brand Development with Stephan Drake, DPS Skis

38. The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast

Steli Efti

The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast

Average Duration: 21 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: Outbound sales, sales techniques, sales hacks
For: Business owners, sales managers, sales hustlers

Steli Efti, or as he calls himself, The Chief Hustler @ Close.io is the true sales hustler. And it’s no surprise that this sales leader utilizes podcasts as one of the channels to connect with the audience.

The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast focuses on getting other top-notch sales hustlers who share their strategies, tactics, and sales stories to help you accelerate your own efforts.

Thanks to Steli’s expertise you’ll get a lot out of each episode, plus, you can be sure that this host will ask the right questions!

Highly recommended sales podcast for anyone who wants to know the best sales hacks and stay on top of the sales game.

Remarkable guests: Rebecca Kacaba, Catherine Stewart, Zainab Allawala
Recommended episode: Danielle Diamond, Rebel Motion & User Interviews: A Filmmaker’s Advice for Storytelling in Sales

39. Cardone Zone

Grant Cardone

Cardone Zone

Average Duration: 41 minutes
Episodes frequency: Biweekly
Topics covered: Sales tactics, goals setting, high-profit sales, real estate
For: Sales professionals, hustlers, entrepreneurs

Grant Cardone is one of those guys who you hate or love. There is simply no in-between.

Yet, even if you don’t like Grant’s behavior or attitude, you have to embrace his sales and business skills and the fact that he openly shares those through the podcast.

While Grant himself is indeed a salesperson, his podcast focuses on much more than sales tactics and hacks.

You’ll find there a lot of conversations about wealth, business strategies, approach, habits, planning, and mindset. All of that should help you get on that next level where you’ll be ready to be as good salesperson or a business owner as you have always dreamt of.

Cardone Zone is a great podcast for sales professionals and broadly named hustlers who are here to get what they want.

Remarkable guests: Alex Morton, Ed Mylett, Jason Worrall
Recommended episode: How to Set Goals to Become a Millionaire

40. Conquer Local

George Leith

Conquer Local Podcast

Average Duration: 23 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Selling to Local businesses, Sales Best Practices
For: Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Conquer Local is a sales podcast that focuses on a specific type of sales. Namely, local businesses and local sales.

George Leith who’s an international sales educator and who also works as a CRO for Vendasta talks about various tactics, ideas, and best practices that sales professionals can apply in their sales career.

Surely that is one of the best sales podcasts when it comes to the topic of selling to local businesses and I bet (like $10, I don’t have too much…) that the interviews that George makes will help improve your digital revenue and get better at your business.

Remarkable guests: Deepak Surana, Katie Martell, Lance Tyson
Recommended episode: Sales, Marketing, & Product Innovation | with Bart van der Heijden

41. The Successful Pitch

John Livesay

The Successful Pitch

Average Duration: 31 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: Leadership, sales techniques, management
For: Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers, VPs

The last sales podcast on the list is John Livesay’s The Successful Pitch. John’s superpower is getting A+ leaders and experts on his show who, later on, share their stories and on their basis create a roadmap to success.

But why would you listen to me when there’s a host himself who wants to take us through The Successful Pitch?


I mean… It would be nice, but let’s be honest…

Thus, let’s give John a moment to tell us what his sales podcast is all about:

“The Successful Pitch is unique in that it has guests that range from investors like Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank to famous speaking bureaus founders like Bernie Swain that represent former Presidents. All the guests share on the show what it takes to make a compelling sales pitch as well as their own journey in sales.

In fact, ten of the top podcast episodes were turned into a book The Successful Pitch and the host /author John Livesay has appeared on TV as the expert on “how to ask for what you want and get a yes.”

Any salesperson who wants to learn how to sell themselves better to get hired, get their startup funded or grow their business can hear real-life examples of exactly what to do to go from invisible to irresistible.” – John Livesay, the author of Better Selling Through Storytelling

Remarkable guests: Shawn Ellis, Bill Stierle, Chicke Fitzgerald
Recommended episode: Negotiation Secrets From An FBI Special Agent – Chip Massey

42. The Predictable Revenue Podcast

Aaron Ross & Collin Stewart

The Predictable Revenue Podcast

Average Duration: 50 minutes
Episodes frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: B2B sales & marketing, sales mindset, closing sales, cold calling
For: Sales leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople of all kinds

You might have heard (or rather read) the Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross, but have you heard about the Predictable Revenue podcast?

Here, the question might be whether the podcast lives up to expectations set by the book.
And let me quickly resolve all the doubts – Yes, it does!

What Aaron Ross and co-host Collin Stewart do is interview outbound sales leaders so that you can learn directly from the people on the front lines. Thanks to that you get an in-depth look into how real sales pros work and operate.

With experts such as Dan Martell and Max Altschuler, you can be sure the advice you get will be a proper one!

Remarkable guests: Dan Martell, Steli Efti, Lars Nilsson, Max Altschuler
Recommended episode: How your SDR’s can hit 100+ activities per day consistently with Ryan Reiser

43. TheInquisitor Podcast

Marcus Cauchi

TheInquisitor Podcast

Average Duration: 56 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: Sales management, channel sales, sales tactics, sales growth
For: Salespeople of all kinds

TheInquisitor Podcast might not be the flashiest one out of them all but is certainly people’s favorite. And that’s what matters.

Marcus Cauchi the author and host of the podcast interviews great guests to provide you with actionable tips and thought-provoking advice to help you better operate in the world of sales.

Marcus and his guests focus on what’s practical and won’t bore you with theories and vast, hard-to-apply terms.

If you wonder why I’m saying it’s people’s favorite; This is what various salespeople have said about the podcast:

“Great guests and topics!”

“I always listen to marcuscauchi.podbean.com from Marcus Cauchi really informative, great guests and gets my brain into gear.”

“TheInquisitor podcast – marcuscauchi.podbean.com is a great listen. Always thought-provoking and full of sales wisdom!”

Remarkable guests: Kieran Krohn, Barbara Giamanco, Sam Sethi
Recommended episode: How Do You Become the Best Channel Manager in The World?

44. Selling Local Podcast

Dale Dupree & Jeffery Villegas

The Successful Pitch

Average Duration: 20 minutes
Episodes frequency: Irregular
Topics covered: Cold outreach, local sales, B2B sales, sales processes
For: Sales reps, Field salespeople, and salespeople of all kinds

Selling Local Podcast is all about tips and real-life stories from salespeople and marketers who did it all.

Besides the cold-hard knowledge, Dale and Jeffery strive to help you understand your WHY behind a sales career and the stories of salespeople who built their career from 0 to 100 will help you do just that.

Thanks to such an approach Selling Local is a great choice no matter if you’re just starting or you’re already deep into the sales world. After all, the prior will focus on the initial part of the story while the latter will happily consume tactics and the subsequent and more advanced outcomes.

Great hosts, interesting guests, and true knowledge bombs – all can be found on Selling Local Podcast!

Remarkable guests: Justin Shie, David Masover, Jack Kimmel
Recommended episode: Sales Wanderer

Time to tune into your favorite best sales podcast

Wow! That was a hefty list, wasn’t it?

Although, above you can find 44 great sales podcasts there’s no use in subscribing to all of them. Rather choose 3-8 which cover different topics, get various guests, and vary when it comes to episodes’ duration.

Focus on those, use the advice hosts and their guests give you, and, sooner or later, you’ll see your dream business and sales skills come to fruition.

Plus, maybe, just maybe, it will make you kick off your own sales podcast… If so, make sure to drop me a message to get on the list of 44,5,6 best sales podcasts out there!

Till the next!