13 Gifts for Salespeople (No. 4 is our favorite!)

Girl showing her gift wrapped in a decorative paper

Christmas is coming and there are not so many days left until we are all going to cherish some spare time and the New Year’s Eve.

Lack of work is not the only advantage of that time. The other is gifts!
Who doesn’t like when a relative or a colleague gives us the thing we’ve been dreaming about all year long.

I remember that moment when my parents bought me my all-time dream – Ferrari F458 Italia.

Oh, wait… No, it was actually a dream…


The point is, everyone likes gifts. Both giving and receiving.
The same goes for salespeople.

If you have a friend who works in sales get him a perfect gift for salespeople!
He or she will be more than happy to get a gift that is both nice and useful and can actually come in handy during work time.

There are a lot of great gifts for salespeople on the market but we’ve done our best to curate the list of 13 best gift ideas for salespeople that you’ll easily get for this year’s Christmas!

To make sure everyone can take something away from this list we’ve included items from quite a wide price range. Also, you’ll be able to find each and every product on Amazon or on the manufacturer’s page, so if you like it you can buy it.

Third thing is, there is no way you won’t find something for yourself or your colleague or relative who works as a salesperson.

This list consists of all kinds of goods. From pens, through the leather suitcase, all the way to coffee subscription boxes. Search through it and you’ll surely find a gift worth giving!

Now, let’s jump straight into the list!

List of gifts:

  1. Mulberry Belgrave Double Document Holder
  2. Scribd Press Subscription
  3. Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Powerbank
  4. Oura Ring
  5. Wireless Car Charger & Holder by ZALE
  6. Graf Von Faber Castell For Bentley
  7. Panda Planner
  8. Junghans Men’s ‘Max Bill’ Dress Watch
  9. TRX Remote Workout Set
  10. Coffee Subscription
  11. Best Sales Books
  12. Leisure time in the Spa Hotel
  13. Plantronics Bluetooth headset

Mulberry Belgrave Double Document Holder

Mulberry Briefcase

No salesman’s equipment is complete without a proper briefcase.

The one we present is an exceptional piece made by Mulberry.

Made of Oak Natural Grain Leather, it is a top-notch product in a world of briefcases.
Handling papers, laptop, and other documents will be much more pleasurable to do.

This model contains two different slots for your belongings so you’ll easily personalize the space it gives you and you’ll quickly make it your very own briefcase.

If a double version is too much for you or the costs are too high we recommend you take a look at it’s smaller brother: Belgrave Single Document Holder

Scribd Press Subscription

Price Tag Icon$100 for 12 months

Person Paying IconBuy on Scribd

Scribd homepage

Being a salesperson is all about constant improvement. You have to be an eager learner to continuously develop your skills.
One way to stay updated with the latest news and trends from the world of sales and business is to read top-tier magazines.

Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Business Today, simply – whatever you like.

Yet, ordering each and every magazine is quite a price thing to do. That is where subscription services come in handy.

Scribd lets you use its huge database consisting of top-notch books, audiobooks, documents and, of course, magazines. You’ll get access to all of the top-tier pieces from the world of business, entrepreneurship, politics, lifestyle and much, much more.

If you want to gift someone with a Scribd subscription you can do it through the provided link.

Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Powerbank

Anker Powerbank

Many salespeople are constantly on the go.

Thus, there is simply no time to stop and look for a place to charge your phone, tablet or a laptop. That is the moment when the powerbank comes in handy.

Anker’s PowerCore offers obliterating 10000mAh power storage which will easily let you charge all of your devices.

Even though its capacity is quite enormous it comes in a small-sized container with a slick design. Thanks to that it won’t bother you while traveling and will quickly become one of your daily use pieces.

A proper powerbank will make it sure you don’t miss that call, receive every email and send that important message.

Oura Ring

Price Tag IconFrom $356 to $1188

Person Paying IconBuy on OuraRing

Oura Ring picture

As Oura states “It only looks like magic”.

Honestly, it does seem a bit like magic. Oura Ring is a smart wearable which lets you better understand your body, health, and physical condition.

Thanks to the technology that Oura Rings are packed with you get very accurate data about your sleep, activity and your readiness.

Things like NTC body temperature sensor, infrared LEDs and 3D accelerometer and gyroscope make sure to get all of the necessary data about your body such as your blood pressure or intensity of your movement.

In the result, you get all of the insights on the quality of your sleep, your readiness and the current state of your health.

Using the above data you can understand and therefore improve your body, health, and physical condition.

Because of their stressful jobs, salespeople often tend to neglect the aspect of health and sleep. Oura Ring will help you keep both of them on the right track which will also result in better work performance.

Plus… it looks stylish!

Wireless Car Charger & Holder by ZALE

Wireless Car Charger & Holder by ZALE

It is probably the best of the gifts for people who drive a lot.

ZALE cell phone holder for car is much more than just that. It’s also a very useful wireless charger which is capable of fast-charging.

It means that even though you don’t plug your phone anywhere you’ll get it fully-charged as quick as it is possible.

ZALE cell phone holder for car comes in a full package with mounts proper for air vents, windshield, and dashboard.

Every drive will be much more pleasurable and taking into account that many salespeople have to commute by car to get to clients and leads, ZALE cell phone holder for car is a perfect gift for a salesperson, especially the one who drives a lot.

Graf Von Faber Castell For Bentley

Graf Von Faber Castell For Bentley

Sell me this pen.
We all know that. It’s every salesperson’s first task. With that pen, it would be no hassle to sell.

Bentleys pen is one of a kind product.

It’s exclusive. It’s boujee. It’s a perfect gift.
With such a pen every deal will be a pleasure to make.

Both for a salesperson trying to close it and for his lead.

-Sell me this pen.
-Nevermind, I’ll just buy it.

Panda Planner

Panda Planner

Salespeople are quite busy folks.

Yet, achieving better results is their prior objective.

To make things happen while not getting lost in an avalanche of incoming tasks the Planner might be just the perfect answer.

Most precisely, Panda Planner.

It is the most famous planner of the year which uses a scientific approach to productivity and happiness.

The way its build allows the user to achieve chosen goals in a much more pleasant and organized manner. You’ll easily get organized with everything you do and everyday tasks won’t ever shadow your passions and personal goals.

Panda planner is a perfect solution for busy salespeople who want to get organized and relieve themselves from constant stress caused by the lack of control over their work.

Junghans Men’s ‘Max Bill’ Dress Watch

Junghans Men’s ‘Max Bill’ Dress Watch

First thing first.

No salesperson will do well without a proper suit.

People judge others by the way they look. That is why salespeople do have to care about how they’re dressed.

A well-fitting suit is a must but no fit will be complete without a proper dress watch.
Thus, here we come with a great and affordable solution.

Junghans ‘Max Bill’ is a perfect solution for every classy salesman.
Its minimalistic design inspired by Junghans’ old-fashioned wall clocks will perfectly top every salesperson’s outfit up.

The quality is great, it is water-resistant up to 30 meters and you can be sure that no one will simply walk past such a watch.

TRX Remote Workout Set

TRX Remote Workout Set

Because of their intense job, salespeople often neglect their physical condition.

Yet, you won’t be able to fully operate during the working hours if you don’t put at least the minimum effort into working out and improving your body.

What’s also interesting and should motivate most salespeople to start working out is that according to our Social Study exercising is the #1 method of dealing with the lack of motivation, #2 as the best solution to stress and #3 as the remedy for burnout.

I guess these arguments alone should motivate anyone to start working out.

Of course, we know that not everyone has time to go to the gym as you lose a lot of time during the commute, getting around the gym and waiting for the set you want to use.
That is why we suggest you go for a remote workout set and especially the TRX All In One Suspension Training System.

Thanks to such a solution you’ll be able to workout no matter where you are. It fits great in your luggage so you can use no matter what place you are currently in, which is especially useful considering the job of salespeople.

Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Coffee is for closers, isn’t it?

Yea, we agree on that.

That is why we recommend every salesperson to get the best coffee subscription. By the best, we mean the one provided by Blue Bottle Coffee.

You can start as cheap as the $8 and can get all the way to $47 for the richest package.

Thanks to the coffee subscription you’ll be able to test out different flavors of coffee that you wouldn’t normally even think of buying while keeping the storage full.

Also, it is an easy and effortless way of getting coffee right at your door and ready to be used.

Best Sales Books

Books on the shelf

Being a salesperson means you are a constant and eager learner.
Of course, considering you want to be the best one.

One of the best and cheapest way of getting valuable knowledge is books.

Books, thanks to their availability and overall accessibility are the go-to solution for most of the people when looking for a relevant source of information.

Today we suggest you go for one of these two books:

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer – Great, concise and can serve as a 101 guidance for every salesperson. This isn’t the regular sales book that simply lays out closing techniques. It provides a full framework on how you should act, what should be your approach to future clients, how you should treat your leads, and much, much more. I highly recommend reading it for anyone who works in Sales, especially the people who are just starting out or the ones who are stuck and want to improve and take their sales game to the next level.

Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar – Classic of classics. Zig Ziglar shows the best and tested ‘secrets’ of persuasion and salesmanship. What makes this book special, is the Ziglar’s approach to sales. He believed that everyone is a salesman, no matter what your actual job is. We sell all the time, our ideas, our needs, and our wants – to get something we have to sell something, no matter if it is physical or not. Such an approach makes this book extremely accessible for literally anyone.

What is more, some time ago we’ve put out the list of 7 Top Sales Books and, of course, these two books were also included.

Yet, if you or your colleague who is the one you want to buy this gift for, has already read those picks then check out the other five books and choose one of them!

Leisure time in the Spa Hotel

Price Tag IconPrice varies

Person Paying IconReserve via Booking

Hotel with a swimming pool and an amazing view

Stress is the issue that most of the salespeople have to tackle.

According to our Social Study, 88% of all salespeople have to deal with stress throughout their career and 61% of those deal with it on a daily basis! These are some serious numbers that can’t be simply ignored.

Luckily, we know what is the best method of dealing with the stress and it is quite simply – taking some time off.

Yes, it takes nothing more than simply going on vacation and taking time off to relax and letting your brain forget about the struggles of work.

In fact, taking time off is the #1 method for both dealing with the stress and the burnout!
That is why we suggest you take some time off and choose one of the best Spa Hotels that will make sure you relax properly.

The list curated by Booking contains top-picks of Spa Hotels from all over the world. Use your time off the work to relax and spend it in the most relaxing way possible.

Plantronics Bluetooth headset

Plantronics Bluetooth headset

Salespeople are constantly on the go and can’t be really bothered by a ringing cell phone.
Thus, choosing the wireless and portable headset can be the best solution to the problem.

If you want to try it out, we highly suggest you start with the device that is both affordable and useful. For that, we would pick Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Recently, we’ve published a list of Top 12 Call Center Headsets and the Plantronics Voyager proudly represents the affordable and wireless type of headsets.

Why you should consider buying it?

It’s water-resistant, has a smart sensor technology in pair with voice recognition which will help you operate it handless.

Also, it provides noise and wind canceling feature which will come in handy while making and taking calls outdoors. Talk time is quite average as it takes 7 hours until it will require a recharge.

All in all, for this price it is a great device and should help every salesperson work more effortlessly.