Why Channels Is The Best Grasshopper Alternative

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The business phone system industry is a pretty dense place but almost everyone knows what Grasshopper Phone is. Their system pioneered the field and became one of the biggest online phone systems on the market. Yet, as the years went by, more people started to search for grasshopper alternatives.

That’s partly because as the company grew bigger and bigger, certain limitations occurred. Lack of proper customer service, expensive pricing, not enough features, limited availability.

All of these factors made people wonder what is the best grasshopper phone alternative. And today, I’d like to show you how you can provide excellent customer service with Channels, the best grasshopper alternative.

Table of contents:

  1. Why do you need a Grasshopper alternative
  2. What Channels can do for my business
  3. Why Channels is the best Grasshopper Alternative

Why do you need a Grasshopper alternative

Firstly, I’d be smart to ask why it’s a good idea to equip your company with a Grasshopper alternative.

Don’t worry, you won’t find here sh*tposting about the other brand. We know that every solution has its pros and cons and while Grasshopper might be a good idea for some companies it might be also a poor choice for the others.

As Rory Sutherland said, “The opposite of a good idea might be another good idea”.

So, with that out of the way, let’s move on to why would you need a Grasshopper alternative. The first concerns about the software grew around its pricing. And it wasn’t about high or low prices but about the pricing not being transparent.

Namely, instead of showing prices that included taxes, Grasshopper showed pre-tax prices to make their packages look more affordable.

Also, as any company grows to the level of Grasshopper, it becomes hard to introduce new features and, well, listen to your customers. That might be the reason why Grasshopper lacks:

  • 3rd party integrations
  • international phone numbers
  • business contacts management

Another factor, which is very important from the customer service standpoint, is the fact that Grasshopper’s packages are based on the number of users and extensions. While this might seem like a great deal, it can be the beginning of an organizational mess.

With many customer service reps and sales representatives using the same account, sharing the same numbers and extensions, you won’t have to wait too long to see management issues and certain problems with such shared account practice.

How does Channels solve this issue?

Instead of making your agents share accounts, we define our packages on a per-user basis. This allows you to customize everything for that particular agent and, if needed, invite additional users to your shared account. More flexibility, less mess.

Of course, Channels shares some features with Grasshopper as with any other online phone system. Yet, there are certain differences that might be dealbreakers when it comes to choosing your new business phone system.

Later, we’re going to outline each of these features and differences.

What Channels can do for my business

It’s likely that you’re seeing Channels for the first time.

And, okay, they might be a good Grasshopper alternative but are they, themselves, any good?

Let me take a moment to explain to you what Channels can do for you and your business. And why you should even bother.

10x what you put in

First of all, at Channels, we understand the needs of our customers, as well as, the dynamics of the field that our customers work in. We know that you need a flawless solution and that what you’re looking for in case of software such as ours is “Will it help me get 10x of what I’m paying for it?”.

For a Customer Support Manager, it will be “Am I going to make my support center a profit center with this software?”.

For a Head of Business Development, it will be “Will my team be able to close enough sales to reach our target with this software?”.

Channels is a software designed to fit into your workflow and help you “gain” customers through better retention and acquire new users through more efficient and organized prospecting.

Power up what you already have

Talking about fitting into your workflow. At Channels, we know that reinventing the wheel is not exactly the best thing you can do. And that’s why our software is packed with useful integrations that will help you operate with the software you’re already using.

Namely, you can integrate Channels with:

  • Shopify
  • Magento,
  • Pipedrive,
  • LiveChat,
  • Zapier,
  • API.

The first two of them – Shopify and Magento – are tailored to eCommerce stores. By connecting Channels to your Shopify/Magento store, we pull all crucial customer details and present it to you when your customers are calling in the form of a Customer Card (more on that later).

Of course, even if you’re not running an eCommerce store and you don’t use these integrations, Channels will still take all the information that you have regarding a particular client and present it to you on the Customer Card.

Grasshopper Alternative: Customer Card That Presents All Customer Details At The Beginning of Every Call

The main premise of this is that most customer support calls feel like an interview. Your reps have to ask endless questions just to identify the issue. With all the details at your fingertips, you can get straight to the point and solve the issue in seconds. No more interview-like customer support phone calls!

The Pipedrive integration was built for sales representatives who use Pipedrive as their go-to CRM. With Channels, you can make one-click calls using our Click-to-Call widget which is a Chrome Extension that allows you to make calls from any webpage you’re on. That’s also the place where you can access a Customer Card with all customer details. Plus, all the calls made using Channels are saved to your Pipedrive account. Thus, you have everything neatly organized in one spot.

Using this combination, sales representatives can make calls more efficiently with a better chance of closing the deal by having access to customer insights at their hands.

Livechat integration is a perfect way to make your customer service more versatile. Companies often limit their customer service to one solution only which is a big mistake. Without a diversified support center, a part of your customers is deprived of their preferable way of contact.

Grasshopper Alternative: Integrate LiveChat with Channels and call customers when chat is not enough

By connecting Channels to LiveChat, you get an ability to send Callback requests to whoever you’re having a chat with. This way, you can effortlessly (for both sides) collect your customers’ phone numbers and call them back using Channels.

This can be useful when the issue can’t be resolved via chat and you’d like to continue the conversation over the phone. Another reason why you may want to send a Callback request is when you’d simply like to followup the user by calling them, and not, e.g. by sending an email.

After all, sometimes chat is not enough to resolve certain issues.

Lastly, Zapier and our internal API allow you to manipulate data coming into, as well as, from Channels in every way possible. Keep in mind that Zapier itself lets you connect Channels with more than 2000 different apps. Limitless options at your hand.

Full package that suits your needs

As I said earlier, we do our best to understand and address our customers’ needs.

Thus, we built software that serves as a complete package using which you can provide excellent service that your customers deserve. And, most importantly, increase retention and therefore drive revenue!

To even compete with giants such as Grasshopper, we knew that our solution has to be flawless, smooth, intuitive, and flexible.

That’s why you’ll find here such features as:

  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Voice drop
  • Live-listening
  • Call recordings
  • Call forwarding
  • Customizable tags
  • Free incoming calls
  • Click-to-Call widget
  • Various Integrations
  • Flawless Mobile App
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Easy contacts management
  • Affordable International Rates
  • Multiple International Phone Numbers
  • Transparent you-get-what-you-pay-for pricing

Drop the idea of calling software that makes it hard to call internationally or access it from anywhere on the globe. With Channels, you can provide excellent customer service the way that suits your needs.

Why Channels is the best Grasshopper Alternative

At this point, you know what Channels can bring in to your business and why you should be looking for a Grasshopper alternative. Now, the question is Why Channels is the best Grasshopper alternative.

Why it is our software that you should give a try and not some other brand’s phone system…

Well, I could be talking for another hour about this choice but it all comes down to the value that we can provide and they can’t. So let’s get to the meaty part!

Clear pricing with no gimmicks

We don’t like gimmicks and marketing BS. That’s why we’ve created pricing plans with a clear link between what you pay for and what you get.

Our prices are 100% of how they appear on our website and we promise to never change them once you decide on a certain package. That being said, you won’t experience any tricks with pre-tax/post-tax pricing or some hidden add-ons.

When it comes to the pricing itself. We’ve created 3 different plans to meet everyone’s needs. Those of 1-10 teams, as well as, those of our enterprise clients. As I’ve mentioned before, every plan is sold on a per-user basis to help you organize workflow inside your company.

We diversify our pricing based on the number of features and call queue slots. Yet, even the cheapest plan, will satisfy the needs of a small eCommerce company or small startup.

Speaking about prices, more diversified pricing makes us also the more affordable option. That’s because our corresponding prices would be $15 to $26, $24 to $46, and $39 to $70, all priced per month and billed annually.

Channels Pricing:

Channels 3-tier pricing plan

Grasshopper Pricing:
Grasshopper Pricing

Also, one thing that could be overlooked is the little annotation that Grasshopper provides about its Partnership package. For some, it might be cherrypicking but saying that Most businesses choose this plan without giving any data to prove it, seems quite scammy.

No limit on extensions

The other thing that makes Channels the best Grasshopper alternative is the fact that we don’t limit the number of extensions that you can have assigned to your account.

What we believe to be a better distinction than a singular feature difference is to create each package so it meets the expectations and, most importantly, the needs of target users.

That’s why the cheapest plan doesn’t let you build a fully functional enterprise-level support center but the chances are you don’t need that if you’re a small eCommerce store or a one-man business.

With that in mind, we decided to make the plans more affordable by diversifying the number of features included in each of them. And that’s because it resonates with our customers.

Available globally

This particular difference might not be a big deal for people from the USA and Canada but for the rest of the world, it’s a do or die when it comes to choosing their next calling software.

That’s because Grasshopper provides its services solely in the above countries. That goes for the web version…

Grasshopper Alternative: Grasshopper is not available globally

as well as their mobile app

Grasshopper Alternative: Grasshopper app is not available globally

The answer to the above issue is Channels as we’re available to customers from all over the world. And that’s also what makes us a great Grasshopper alternative.

Besides that, we encourage you to go global!

With international phone numbers from all around the globe and the most affordable call rates, you’ll find it easy to connect with your customers no matter where they’re located. And, for those focused solely on answering their customers’ calls, all inbound calls are free. So no additional costs for your support center!

Don’t chain yourself to any device

The often-overlooked feature in regards to calling software is the flexibility. Some solutions offer only downloadable apps that, in the end, require you to use that particular device.

In terms of Grasshopper, these are a desktop app and the mobile app.

When it comes to Channels we made things a little bit different. There’s no downloadable desktop app as we believe you shouldn’t limit your capabilities to one specific device. Thus, you can access everything you need through our web app and handle all calls through our Click-to-Call widget.

The Click-to-Call widget is a Chrome extension that allows you to handle calls from any webpage you’re on. Also, that’s where you can access the Customer Card which displays all the crucial customer information to help you communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Grasshopper Alternative: Handle phone calls from any webpage you're on with Channels Chrome Extension

So, when you want to handle phone calls from your laptop or PC you can do that through our web app and using the Click-to-Call widget.

And we top it up with our Mobile app to allow you to take your support center with you any time you need it.

Our mobile app was built to provide the key features of our solution in the most portable form. Thus, you’ll find there all of your international phone numbers, contact details, and features such as call recordings.

Grasshopper Alternative: Handle phone calls wherever you are with Channels mobile app

This way no customer query will go unanswered and you get the maximum flexibility a calling solution can provide.

And, you can download Channels App on both iOS and Android.

Customer support right from the website

As we’re the customer service company we take the customer service seriously. This means that we want to be reachable in every way possible.

The studies have shown that a big part of customer satisfaction relies on whether a company provides support in a preferrable, for the user, way. We wanted to make sure that we tap into everyone’s expectations and thus, as the Channels’ customer, you can get help through:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • In-app chat
  • Knowledgebase

And, what’s most important, we’re available 24/7 365 days a year!

Of course, we give the credit where it’s due – Grasshopper also provides a 24/7 support through the phone but try contacting their sales or support team directly from their website. Maybe, use their live chat. Good luck 😉

Fit Channels into your workflow

Besides limiting the number of extensions you get per pricing plan, Grasshopper also limits the number of integrations.

Nowadays, businesses – no matter the industry – operate with quite hefty software stacks. Thus, when adding a new piece of software you shouldn’t have to worry about fitting it into what you’re already using.

At Channels, we made sure to you won’t have a problem with making us a part of your stack. And that’s also what makes Channels the best Grasshopper alternative.

Just to highlight the earlier mentioned integrations; You can connect Channels with:

    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • LiveChat
    • Pipedrive
    • Zapier
    • Internal API

Grasshopper Alternative: Integrate Channels with various tools and fit it into your workflow

The first two are geared towards eCommerce companies who want to provide excellent customer service and put an end to interview-like customer support calls.

The LiveChat integration will help you offer more diversified customer support by offering a way to call your company when it’s more convenient than chatting.

Pipedrive integration was built to support salespeople who use it as their primary CRM and wish to make the outreach process more efficient.

The last two options – Zapier and our API – allow you to manipulate data that comes in and out of Channels in every way you want.

All in all, we want you to have a smooth experience fitting Channels into your workflow and that’s what these integrations are for. If you want to have that experience, consider it a great Grasshopper alternative.

Business contacts organized for your convenience

While the calling capabilities of Grasshopper might be on-point, its contact management system lacks certain features.

For the customer service branch, it’s crucial to stay organized in regards to their contacts and details corresponding to particular callers. After all, you can only provide excellent customer service if you do it on a personalized level.

If the customer calls you for the fifth time in the month and your reps can’t recall the past touchpoints, you bet they’ll be disappointed!

That’s why we made it easy for you to organize your work and access all the crucial details on a per-contact basis.

Grasshopper Alternative: Organize your contacts and manage everything in one spot

Along with all previous touchpoints, call details, and agent details, you can organize your contact information with customizable tags, so you can make a contacts space truly yours.

What also makes Channels the best Grasshopper alternative is the intuitive design that you get with our app. We wanted to organize your workspace in a way you won’t have to wonder what is where or how to use this and that.

Everything is clear and simple for your efficiency and convenience. Plus, thanks to the management system that can be accessed through the Web App, Channels is a great solution for any business that operates remotely. You’ll be able to provide excellent service, no matter where you and your team are located.

Go international with lower costs

We’ve touched the ‘global’ part of the problem that makes Channels a proper Grasshopper alternative but there’s another case in which Channels outperforms Grasshopper. And that is going global with your phone system.

No matter if you focus on inbound or outbound calling, international phone numbers are crucial to operating these days, especially when your audience is from all over the world.

Grasshopper provides additional phone numbers from $10 up while at Channels you can buy your additional numbers from only $4. Of course, we also offer more expensive options that go for $10+ but these are the smaller group.

Again, give the credit where it’s due, both Channels and Grasshopper give you the first phone number for free to help you kick start the setup process.

But, if you want your business to scale, only one of these software allows you to do so with as little expenses as possible. And that is the additional point to Channels as a Grasshopper alternative.

Try Channels as a Grasshopper alternative with a 7-day free trial

With all the above information I bet you have a good idea of why Channels is a great Grasshopper alternative.

To make the decision easier, you can use the 7-day free trial during which you can fully test our software.

We give you a free phone number and some cash to test Channels and get a firm idea of whether that should be your next calling app.

No credit card required, no limitations.
7 days for free, 24/7 support, free demo session per request.

Try the best Grasshopper alternative – Channels!